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Fiction Audiobooks

Podcasts | 13.06.2022

The Best Fiction Podcasts for Listeners Who Love a Good Story

You can’t beat a good story. Luckily, humans are great at storytelling, and the best fiction podcasts are all the proof that the modern listener ...

Award Winning Titles | 08.04.2022

19 Award-Winning Canadian Fiction Audiobooks to Add to Your Listening List

Canada knows how to write a story, and it has the awards to prove it. These 19 incredible audiobooks are Canadian fiction at its award-winning ...

Fiction Audiobooks | 07.03.2022

20 of the Best Strong Fictional Female Lead Characters Who Will Inspire You

From feisty fiery females to women warriors, this list of audiobooks features the best stories and epic tales with strong fictional female lead ...

Fiction Audiobooks | 15.06.2021

Thought-Provoking George Orwell Quotes

George Orwell was a master of his craft. Over his years, he created several novels and nonfiction works which expressed thought-provoking ideas ...

Short Audiobooks | 18.11.2020

Whatever You’re Craving, Audible Offers Up the Best in Bite-Sized Listening

Got a Full Plate? Enjoy these Bite-Sized Listening Treats

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