Fantastic gifts for the fantastically busy loved ones on your list

We all know that one person. They have seemingly bottomless stores of energy. Their phone is a constant strobe light of email notifications, work texts and phone calls. And their social life is a spinning-plates act as they deftly move between chats, video hangouts and social media accounts. They're always busy – and occasionally, they forget to think about themselves.

It's tough shopping for the workhorses, multitaskers and round-the-clock dynamos in our lives. You want to get them something that makes their lives easier, more entertaining and less frantic. You also want to get them something they’ll actually use (those virtual cooking classes, while thoughtful, may not fit into their busy schedule.)

To make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, we’ve put together this holiday gift-giving guide for on-the-go loved ones. If you want to shop specific titles, check out our 2020 gift guide, which has recommendations for all types of listeners, from Doers & Dreamers to Armchair Detectives!

Give your loved ones the gift of an Audible membership so they can listen to engaging podcasts, buzzy new releases, calming titles and informative business audiobooks on the go. And check out Amazon for more great holiday gift ideas.

The High-Performance Planner Helps Them Manage Their Time

Without an organizing system, a busy schedule can quickly turn into a chaotic one. Does the on-the-go loved one in your life have a computer lined with post-it notes or an old day planner packed with overlapping scribble? Those are telltale signs of the dreaded "timetable turmoil!"

To help them manage their time more effectively, get them a quality day planner. There are several fantastic options to choose from at Amazon, but here we’re recommending the High-Performance Planner. It’s a science-backed planner that comes with built-in habits scorecards, productivity assessments and proprietary prompts to help them grow personally and professionally.

An Audible Membership Helps Them Rediscover Their Time

Managing your time is wonderful. But rediscovering time you didn’t even know you had – that’s a real gift. For the multitasking loved one in your life, an Audible membership is the opportunity to listen wherever they are.

That morning commute – whether it’s from home to work, or from the bed to the desk – is no longer just a commute. It’s an opportunity to catch up on hot new audiobooks they can discuss around the digital water cooler. Their scheduled exercise time becomes a chance to pick up a fascinating podcast. Their mealtimes come alive with fantasy and sci-fi titles.

A photo of a woman of colour listening to content on a smartphone in front of a Christmas tree

And at the end of a long day, they can put on one of our exhilarating Audible Originals, like Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. This thrilling adaptation of Gaiman’s comic series of the same name is performed by a who’s-who of stars including James McAvoy, best known for his roles in the X-Men series, The Last King of Scotland and It Chapter Two, Riz Ahmed of Rogue One and The Night Of, Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls and Thor as well as Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who and Broadchurch fame.

It’s the perfect title to entertain you as you unwind at the end of the day.

The Sandman

The Instant Pot Offers a Much-Needed Mealtime Shortcut

Winter is the season for long-stewing dishes and hearty one-pot meals, but not everyone can play the waiting game with their dinner. That’s where the ultra-popular Instant Pot comes in handy. A 21st-century riff on the classic pressure cooker, the Instant Pot allows you to cut your cooking time down drastically.

A side of rice takes just three minutes. A classic stew, which generally takes upwards of three hours, comes together in around 30 minutes in the Instant Pot. Just enough time for your loved one to listen to one of our Audible Podcasts before tucking into dinner.

With a Roomba, Technology Takes Care of the Clutter

Humans have become pretty good at outsourcing our chores to technology. We replaced our hard-to-maintain hearths with easy-to-use ovens. We ditched the morning rooster in favour of an alarm clock (much less messy.) And, tired of laboriously scrubbing our frocks on a washboard, we invented the washing machine.

It was only a matter of time before we invented a robot to do our vacuuming. The new generation of Roombas are smarter, more precise and more powerful than ever. All your busy giftee needs to do is hit the Clean button, let the Roomba loose and kick back. With the Roomba, you’re giving them the gift of a cleaner home, but you’re also giving the gift of more free time.

The Fitbit is Wearable Motivation, Wherever They Go

It can be difficult to find time for fitness amid a busy schedule. With the Fitbit, your loved one has access to a full-on healthy living hub, complete with heartrate tracking, activity tracking, GPS, sleep monitoring and nutritional information – all localized on their wrist.

Pair the Fitbit with one of Audible’s fitness and motivation titles, and you’ve got a fantastic gift for the on-the-go health enthusiast in your life.

A Portable Charger Helps Them Dodge the Low Battery Blues

We rely on our phones for a lot. They're our social lifeline, work interface, map, news provider and they're also where we listen to our audiobooks! So, we get justifiably anxious when we see the battery percentage drop below 10%. It's as though we're stranded at sea, and our dinghy just sprung a leak.

That’s doubly true for the workhorse in your life, who relies on their phone and computer to get things done. A portable charger, like the Anker PowerCore, takes the stress out of low batteries. If they see red in their battery icon, they can simply connect to the portable charger wherever they are and then go about their day.

Think of the gifts above not as objects but as timesavers, stress-relievers and opportunities for enjoyment. With these six gifts, you can make 2021 a little easier, a little calmer and a lot more enjoyable for the busy loved ones on your list.

What’s on your wish list this season? Connect with us on social media and let us know!

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