Take some time out for yourself with these five fantastic long titles

There are few greater pleasures than taking it easy on a lazy weekend. The house is quiet and you’ve just poured yourself a cup of tea. Everything in the world seems tailor-made for relaxation.

The day is yours. So why not get lost in an audiobook? Enjoy some much-deserved me time and luxuriate in a longer title. Get lost in an expansive fantasy world, travel through time and space with a history audiobook or follow the dizzying highs of a whirlwind romance.

For inspiration, explore our top audiobooks, our editor-selected Audible Essentials, our chart-topping five star finds, or check out the list below for recommendations. We’ve listed five immersive titles that clock in over 15 hours each — enough to keep you occupied at least through the weekend.

Get Lost with Elin Hilderbrand

28 Summers

Need a little escapism? Why not lose yourself in this wistful, romantic listen?

As Mallory Blessing lays on her deathbed, she hands her son, Link, a note with a phone number. The number belongs to Jake McCloud, husband of the presidential frontrunner, Ursula DeGournsey. Why, Link wonders, does his mom have the number of a presidential nominee’s husband?

Rewind to the year 1993, when a young Mallory inherits her aunt’s beachfront cottage in Nantucket. There, she meets Jake McCloud and the two form a bond that will last through their respective marriages and children. A one-weekend-per-year romance that will span 28 summers.

What will Jake do now that he knows Mallory is dying? Will his wife’s meteoric political rise keep him from seeing Mallory one last time? If you’re looking for a decades-spanning love story filled with emotion and tension, you’ll love 28 Summers.

28 Summers

Get Ready for a New Season with N.K. Jemisin

The Fifth Season

N.K. Jemisin’s contemporary fantasy masterpiece racked up an impressive list of awards when it was released five years ago. It won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Novel, the Sputnik Award and the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. And it spawned a pair of follow-ups that also won a multitude of awards. Will it win you over as well?

The Fifth Season follows Essun, a woman from an ordinary small town on a supercontinent known as The Stillness. One day, her whole life crumbles around her. Her daughter has been kidnapped, the empire around her is crumbling and a “Fifth Season” of cataclysmic climate change has befallen The Stillness. Now Essun must make her way across the wreckage of a fractured land to save her daughter.

Harrowing, richly detailed and relevant, The Fifth Season packs an entire world into its 15-hour runtime.

Curl yourself up in your favourite blanket and discover what all the buzz is about!

The Fifth Season

Take a Trip South with Edwin Barnhart

Maya to Aztec: Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed

You know that electrifying, invigorating feeling you get when you do a deep dive into a subject you’ve always been curious about? There should be a word for that: “Deep-diveation.”

Head back to the classroom with The Great Courses’ Professor, Edwin Barnhart. Explore over 48 half-hour lectures, taking a deep dive into the incredible history and cultures of the Maya and Aztec civilizations. These societies equalled the world's greatest civilizations of their time, with sophisticated traditions of religion, government, arts, engineering and trade.

Maya to Aztec: Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed covers it all in spectacular fashion. It’s so thorough in scope that it should come with a degree.

Maya to Aztec: Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed
A woman wrapped in a blanket sits on a couch and enjoys audio content on headphones

And if you need audiobooks to keep your kids entertained while you immerse yourself in Mesoamerican history, we’ve got you covered there as well. Click the link above to explore several fantastic titles for kids of all ages. Or check out the recently-released Letters From Camp podcast, co-created by and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, alongside performances by Edi Patterson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirby Howell-Baptiste. Let the whole family learn and have fun at the same time.

Letters From Camp

Discover What Makes Us Human with Yuval Harari


Why us? That’s the central question behind Yuval Harari’s groundbreaking non-fiction audiobook, Sapiens.

100,000 thousand years ago, at least six species of humans walked the earth. Now, only one species is left: us, the Homo Sapiens. Why did we succeed where others failed? How did we come together to create civilizations, invent money, enact laws, practice religion and eventually win the battle for dominance?

Using insights from anthropology, biology, paleontology and economics, Harari challenges what we think we know about being human. If you’re looking for a bold, wide-ranging, 15-hour dissection of what it means to be human, cozy up with Sapiens.


Share Your Weekend with Michelle Obama


It’s easier to enjoy the weekend with company. And, as far as houseguests go, you can’t do much better than the former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Divided into three sections – “Becoming Me,” “Becoming Us” and “Becoming More” – Obama’s Becoming offers an intimate look at her most formative experiences. Tracing a path from the South Side of Chicago to the halls of the White House, this down-to-earth memoir is revelatory, charming and inspiring.

By the end, you’ll feel like you’ve spent time with an old friend – an intelligent, funny and genuine friend who just so happens to be, you know, Michelle Obama.


We all need a little me time, so this weekend why not reach for a longer audiobook and enjoy getting lost? With these titles, you can visit a decades-old romantic cottage, take a road trip through a fractured world, earn a degree in Mesoamerican studies, get in touch with your human roots and welcome a famous houseguest into your home. When you’re finished with these immersive titles, explore more amazing podcasts, Audible Originals and popular audiobooks in Canada right here at Audible.

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