Discover 6 Titles that Help Guide, Entertain and Connect You While Travelling

Canadians know the value of a good winter getaway. While many of us politely tolerate cold weather, others look for ways to escape to sunnier, warmer places. Now that winter has officially settled in, many of us are counting down the days until that next big trip!

When the time comes to travel for your warm-weather retreat, you’ll want to have the right audiobooks at your fingertips — during the flight and at the beach while you’re sipping on your favourite cocktail. Create some personal time at every stage of the trip by bringing along entertainment you know that you’ll love.

Listening while travelling is like enjoying a cool drink in the hot sun. Each experience elevates the other. And when you listen to a great audiobook, podcast or show set in the place that you’re travelling to, the experience is doubly enriching.

The following titles from our huge library are the perfect travel companions. Their rich descriptions of the countries and cities in which they are set can help open your eyes and colour your travel experience.

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Explore the Back Roads of Canada with Jeremy Taggart and Jonathan Torrens

Canadianity: Tales from the True North Strong and Freezing

For a trip across our own great country, pal along with Jeremy Taggart (who you may know better as the drummer for seminal Canadian rock group, Our Lady Peace) and TV personality Jonathan Torrens. Together, they explore the country’s dive bars, rest stops and city streets, as well as the personalities that populate them.

Consider this title a museum guide of sorts, as you make your way, wing to wing, through the country. It’s one of our favourite audiobooks for road trips – and is a great listen for any ‘Canadaphile’ looking for a True North fix.


Discover Naples with Elena Ferrante

My Brilliant Friend

Set in the heady, post-World War II streets of Naples, this title, the first in Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, is an engrossing look at a female friendship in a tumultuous time.

This is a story about many things—politics, fashion, female creativity—but it’s also about class and how it becomes embedded in the arts. Meanwhile, Ferrante’s playfulness is a constant whisper in our ear as she takes us on a thrill ride of the highest order.

If the friendship between Elena and Lila doesn’t hook you, then the evocative descriptions of southern Italy will.

My Brilliant Friend

Share Childhood Stories of South Africa with Trevor Noah

Born a Crime

You may know him as the host of the massively popular satirical news show, The Daily Show, but in Born a Crime, Trevor Noah takes you back to a time before his success. Cataloguing his formative years in Apartheid-era South Africa, Noah, the son of a black mother and a white father, spares no detail in describing the troubles and triumphs of his coming-of-age.

This is raw, fierce, tender, laugh-out-loud-funny storytelling connects listeners with one man’s incredible cross-continental journey of self-discovery. It makes the perfect travel partner on a trip to South Africa, but works just as well for a listener staying home and looking to have their mind (and heart) blown — which helps explain why it’s one of the most popular titles on our Audible Essentials list.

Born a Crime

Take a Trip to India with Gregory David Roberts


Wind through the bustling streets of Bombay (modern-day Mumbai) with this sprawling masterpiece from Gregory David Roberts. Following Lin, an escaped convict fleeing Australia for the anonymity of crowded Bombay, this title takes listeners through the mafia underworld, the slums and the high society of contemporary India.

A full vacation in its own right, Shantaram, one of the most popular stories of the 21st Century, will elevate any trip to India.


Figure out America with a Collection of the Country’s Best Comedians

Sounds Like America

Can we ever truly understand America? How different are Canadians from Americans? It’s such a vast and diverse country that any attempt to sum up our neighbours to the south seems impossible. But if anyone can do it, it’s a wide cast of the country’s best comedians.

In this Audible Original comedy show, listen to a rotating cast of comedians talk and joke about the country they call home. Each episode covers a different facet of American life – a region, a pastime, a cultural movement or characteristic – through a medley of conversations, stand-up sets, “man on the street” interviews and music.

It may be impossible to fully understand the USA, but with a trip stateside and this hilarious show to listen to as you travel with friends or family, you might get most of the way there!

Sounds Like America

Fall in Love in New York with Truman Capote

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Truman Capote’s classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a deep dive into New York City and remains one of its most popular imaginings, partially because of its wonderful descriptions of 1940s Manhattan café society.

This classic audiobook makes a perfect travel mate on any trip to the Big Apple. Let Holly Golightly, the eccentric protagonist at the heart of the story, take you on a whirlwind tour of Capote’s New York City, and discover — or rediscover — this modern classic.

Wherever you’re travelling, has fantastic options to bring with you. You deserve the best vacation possible, so why not take the best in audio entertainment with you as you embark on your incredible adventure? If you’re looking for a great audiobook to bring along, check out our best sellers list for inspiration!

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Breakfast at Tiffany's
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