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Don’t blame the Butter for what the Bread did!

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Évalué le: 2020-01-30

While it is very true that natural plant sourced nutrition is essential for long term health and modern dependence on prescription medicine is troubling to say the least, however Dr. Greger’s position on natural fats derived from eggs, fish and red/organ meats is (to me) a concerning mix of falsehoods, bad/old science and cherry-picked study results to bolster a pre-conceived conclusion. A stunning reminder of the work of Ancel Keys and George McGovern.

Chapter Six’s (min 7:50) assertion that fats from eggs, butter and olive oil increase insulin resistance and blood sugar more than sugar, candy, white bread and oatmeal should raise more than a few red flags for readers. The referenced study was done in 1927 with little facts to back it up, including the name of the study or who performed it.

The rise in obesity and Type-2 Diabetes in western cultures mirrors the rise in consumption of highly processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugars…not natural fats.

This book seems to ignore anthropological facts on human evolution and replace them with concerns regarding mainstream animal food raising and production. These concerns are valid and should/can be addressed, but are mutually exclusive from human nutritional needs.

Yes, the typical Western diet is making the population very sick indeed, if you want unbiased, fact based, information on diet and nutrition for humans, there are a number of books that will guide you in the right direction.
Here are just a few (available on Audible):
- Obesity Code / Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung M.D.
o Frustrated by his education and practice as a specialist in nephrology (kidneys), Fung sought the truth behind the
causes of weight gain and Type-2 Diabetes. Founder of the Intensive Dietary Management Clinic.
- Genius Foods by Max Lugavere
o An investigative journalist seeking truth behind his mother’s decline due to Alzheimer’s, written without pre-
conceived notions of medicine or health.
- Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind by Yuval Noah Harari.
o Not all books on health are routed in nutrition, one of the worlds leading historians, Harari outlines how the human
species survived and evolved over 2 million years ago to the modern world.

Dr. Geger reads with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm, but don’t mistake that for the full truth. Seek the full truth for yourself. Beware of the terms “Studies show…”, “Science has proven that…” or “it is widely recognized that….”. Find multiple sources that take a deeper dive.