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Got uncertainty? READ THIS BOOK!

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5 out of 5 stars

Évalué le: 2019-09-18

I wish this book had been written years ago when my passion to have an online business first got stirred. In a way though, it came at the right time. We were struggling with the idea of actually launching the business we were in the middle of building. I decided we needed more hard evidence that what we were embarking on was legit so I went back to the drawing board to do some market research. This book fell into my lap and it is just what I needed. This is square one. And, although it is a process to arrive on the perfect market for you, Ryan breaks down the process into several steps making it easy to learn about your potential markets. The strategy is ninja and I can't recommend this enough for anyone starting out or struggling with their current business. If you're the latter, take a step back so you can gain tremendous moment moving forward.