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Évalué le: 2018-09-14

Having already read The 48 Laws of Power, I can see now that Robert Greene has found a very successful formula for writing books, as the general format is quite similar between these two books. There is a charming overlap (and not superfluous) of concepts covered in the books as well, as they are both inextricably linked.

Naysayers of the book will say that it's manipulation, but as Greene aptly pointed out in the book, to reject these concepts and believe that you are immune to being seduced, then you are putting yourself in a vulnerable and unsuspecting position. Someone will come along that dazzles you, whether in your business or personal life, and if you aren't educated on the subject, all you can hope for is that they aren't malevolent. Even if they aren't that doesn't mean they'll cause you pain and anguish. It's up to you to be prepared.

After reading this book I can now confidently identify all the times I was unconsciously competent and incompetent in the past. Very empowering.


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