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Small changes; big results!

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5 out of 5 stars

Évalué le: 2019-03-14

First of all I have to say I really love when a book is narrated by the author. For me, this leads to a personal connection with the words more often than when it is narrated by someone else. James is very easy to listen to and I was able to get through this book quickly because I didn't have to keep rewinding it (something I have to do often when a narrator is monotone and causes me to daydream instead of pay attention lol). However, the real sign of a good book for me is when I find myself sharing the lessons with my husband and friends as well as adding it back into rotation. I came across James Clear's work when I had randomly come across one of his blog posts. I was intrigued and decided that I would check out his books. Since I have a number of books that I'm currently working through and don't have enough hours in a day I thought I would purchase an audio-version of this one. I have found myself making many small changes in my daily habits. Have you ever turned over a jar to read the label before consuming the contents? That tiny little change can really make a difference in regards to your health. However, we don't always take the time to do that and to be honest in some cases I really don't want to know how much sugar/fat something has lol. My point is that we make choices every single day with how we spend our time and we don't realize that a small change (for example: reading a label) can make a huge difference. Well this book is a reminder that we can make every second count. It reminds you to pause and think about your current habits and that alone can and will lead to change. This was my first book review so hope it wasn't too lengthy! :) -San (designer at