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I just wish this was available 15y ago

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5 out of 5 stars

Évalué le: 2017-11-13

I have worked in multinational societies for over 20y now. None considered the employees as part of the big picture. We were just labor hired to deliver solutions to the customers. We were an expandable expense. My new job starts with this book given in a welcome package and they use a lot of its content as part of the mission, the core values of the company and the team development is based on the content of this book. Is this for everyone? How can it not? The principles are simple and they allow every generation X, Y, Z, millennials and more to evolve with each other and have a saying. I read the book and even listened to it through Audible. I went through it twice in less than 30 days just to tell you how I enjoyed its content and principles!

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