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Life is pretty fun, right? You can eat bushels of cake, smoke cigarettes, snort coke, drink tons of booze. If we weren't supposed to be having a good time, it wouldn't feel so good, right?

We've got some bad news, friend. We need you to stop having fun immediately. Put down the cheeseburger and come with us, because everything you love is killing you and it will not be an easy way to die.

This audiobook is the ultimate guide to sucking every ounce of fun from your currently joy-filled existence and replacing it with whatever kale is. By the end of this audiobook, we will have you eating better, sleeping better, living better, and sober enough to realize exactly how not fun all of that actually is. 

This audiobook contains tips to:

  • Quit smoking and vaping
  • Quit drinking
  • Eating healthier
  • Sobering up your drunk friend
  • Coming down from being too high
  • Which pressure points are possibly useful! 

If your life has been feeling like just a little bit too much fun lately, we have an immediate remedy. No matter what the source of your joy, we have corresponding facts that will smash the fun right out of it.

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