A Bayla and the Golem Novel

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Hand of Miriam Description

On an archaeological expedition, Bayla Gideon, is widowed by a supernatural force and branded with the Hand of Miriam or "knowing eye". Threatened by evil, she awakens the golem - a mythical man of clay who protected the Jewish community more than three centuries ago. 

The golem, Gesher, is surprised. Freedom - by a beautiful, enchanting woman. His desire is to return to the celestial spheres and regain his status as an avenging angel. Yet Bayla challenges his mind, body, and soul. Would he risk his return to the heavens for her?  

Besides dealing with the otherkind, mad inventors, and an unrelenting matchmaking aunt, Bayla is equally determined to resist her steamy attraction to the striking fallen angel. Thrust into a malevolent war, which includes facing Jack the Ripper, they must resist the magnetic pull toward each other while protecting the world from encroaching evil.

©2013 Eva Gordon (P)2018 Eva Gordon
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  • Livre 1

    • A Bayla and the Golem Novel, Volume 1
    • Auteur(s): Eva Gordon
    • Narrateur(s): Doro Jillings
    • Durée: 10 h et 36 min
    • Date de publication: 2018-10-24
    • Langue: Anglais
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