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Nasty author writes slapdash book based on hearsay and snobbism.

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2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 2020-08-22

Wow. I listened with an open mind but this is a bunch of hearsay and opinions. Shoddy research, at best. The author tells us more about her nasty, snotty self than she does about Meghan Markle or Prince Harry. She has a lot of opinions about how to behave properly in British society. As a Canadian, I wanted to vomit and think the author should look in the mirror and ask herself if she is maybe just a bit over the hill and behind the times. Her not so subtle snobbery and display of self-righteousness is palpable.

She omits well established facts about Markle to Illustrate her point of view, which is nasty indeed. Having listened to this book and the other one, Finding Freedom, I am left with the opinion that Markle and Harry are better off without the British press. I would leave the UK too. What a load of useless drivel.

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