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Great book, tough as audiobook

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Reviewed: 2018-02-15

The reading of this book is top notch. Very enjoyable to listen to.

Nothing wrong with the book itself either, however the many characters with unusual names like Major Major, the dead man in Yossarian’s tent and Major <ahem> de Coverley become really confusing when you can’t really flip ahead to find out- and it takes (for example) about 8 hours of listening to find out that Major Major is a persons name, not the narrator stuttering. The other thing is that this book is non-linear in format, but the audiobook makes it hard to flip to a ‘page’ and recall an earlier event that is later referenced.

My recommendation is that if you have not read this book, read about the characters online first so you have some background before being thrown into it. Otherwise, you will spend the first few hours confused and disinterested in what should be an exciting and engaging story.

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