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Not what I expected

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2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 2020-03-11

I will say that I may have a bias because Love Warrior just lit me up from the inside out. It is the benchmark to which I may be comparing Untamed to. I really wanted this to be a continuous flow from the story of her life in Love Warrior to Untamed. I had hoped she would talk more about the dissolution of her marriage, and how she learned to be alone. But she didn't have alone time, she went right from her marriage to her relationship with Abby. Abby is presented as this sort of magical presence in her life that completes her. It kind of feels unfair. It's as though her truth and her ability to be fully alive was only discovered when she laid eyes on Abby.

That's just too sing-songy for me. I yearned for the grit Doyle is known for in her writing. This book did not deliver for me in that department.

There's also a preachy feel to this book, like a blueprint on how to navigate life as a woman, but I don't want advice. I'm here for your story Glennon, I don't want you to tell me how to be, how to exist, how to be still. I don't want you to know it all and have all the answers... I want your fears and doubts and second guesses. I want that real and authentic stuff no one talks about - the stuff that scares me beyond measure.

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