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An unfortunate and disappointing read

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2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 2018-05-24

As part of TF03-06 I served and participated on the front lines of Operation Medusa, as well, I served and supported hand in hand with TF31, and, having worked under MGen D Fraser's Command, I found this book to be an unfortunate and disappointing read.

I can only imagine the pressures the General was dealing with before, leading up to this Operation, and after. However, I couldn't help but feel that the book was some sort of plea, explanation or justification of his side of the story and to decisions.

I was looking forward to reading more about why and how he led this mission the way he did, reading about previous career experiences, anecdotal notes, stories and deployments within the Canadian Armed Forces, and his feelings leading up to his deployment / selection for the mission in Afghanistan. I was disappointed by the absence of an in-depth recollection, now that he is retired, about his personal position, decisions made and the mission.

I did appreciate how he gave a broad, simplistic overview and some of the associated dynamics planning / commanding such a complicated mission / operation. As well I share his position, on the positive outcomes for Afghanistan that we as a country have help provide.

However I just can't seem to shake that it was lacking a personal warmth and connection, that I have enjoyed while reading other's similar stories and their books. It is a worthy read by a decorated Canadian Soldier / citizen.

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