Anita Kushwaha

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A complex story about love and friendship

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 2020-04-23

This multiple pov story first drew me in with its wonderful writing and relatable characters. I wanted to know more about these women and how they would manage navigating their unique circumstances, whether it be their careers, identity, motherhood, marriage, infidelity or other betrayals. My heart often ached for them when their partners proved themselves unworthy and my blood boiled when they bore the brunt of the consequences as opposed to the men in their lives, a bold statement in and of itself. The stories interwine and live up to the title. I was happiest for Holly, Sasha, and Zoe. Saddest for Carmen and Avery. The female friendships were the constant throughout all the ups and downs and was for me the most uplifting aspect. No matter what the characters faced, they supported each other with love and honesty, like women do in real life. A story full of love, pain, forgiveness and redemption.

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