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Lovely little stand alone

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 2019-04-23

Apologies for how cheesy I’m about to sound but I just really like this book and the author and the narrator and I think it all deserves more popularity!

Charming, witty, and wonderfully loving just as so many of K.J. Charles’ books are.

This is essentially a review for all of the audible books written by K. J. Charles that I have downloaded (which is most of them) because I have yet to listen to one which I don’t completely adore!
A happy little accident brought me into the world of lusty reading (listening?), and to the works of Charles specifically. I was hooked after the first book I found of hers (The Magpie Lord) and since then have collected nearly all of her books which are available on audible.
I love the way she portrays queer characters and how well developed her stories are in whole! Her books aren’t just smut, they are full and wonderful and intelligent plots which happen to have the bonus of some excellent raunchy lovemaking flecked throughout the story.

The Charm of Magpies series is absolutely my favourite but having consumed all of those and more, I was in need of more of her writing.

This little story is sweet and fun and happy, although it does pull at your heart one or two times... The narrator is also excellent. His voice is so smooth and pleasing, and he really leans into characterization of his inflection which makes EVERYTHING that much more... engaging :)