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Love is happy with the truth

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Reviewed: 2018-09-15

Darby's relationship with her ex-fiancee Sean Littlefield was a disgrace. He beat her and treated her worse than a dog, so she leaves him at the altar. Everyone who knew him would have understood because he was a major asshole. The reason Darby left, however, was because she was pregnant and owed it to her future child to have a better life.
Thank heavens Darby got away with the help of a friend and good samaritan. Darby was able to catch a bus out of town with not much money to spare. She headed to the furthest place the bus would take her which was Colorado Springs.

To story progressed very slow per usual with a Jamie McGuire book, but it was well written, and I liked it. Karissa Vacker and Andrew Eiden performed Darby and Trex exceptionally well and held my attention.

Darby kept her pregnancy a secret for reasons I did not know. It just added to the confusion and uncertainty of what she was facing. A single homeless girl alone in an unfamiliar town unsure of where to go, who to trust, and keeping an unborn baby a secret was not a wise decision if you ask me. She was kind of dumb. I mean I guess she was trying to be independent but now was not the time for that and she needed to trust someone to help her. Enter Trex. He could and would help her in all the right ways, but she was still acting like a jerk IMO. She infuriated me.

She could have been a little more concerned when it came to taking care of her and her baby. If you were pregnant and needed a roof over your head, food in your belly, clothes, the essentials of everything you need, would you refuse it out of sheer pride and stubbornness? Hell to the No! Is what I think. Darby was just plain stupid when Trex offered her to live with him. She would also be safe from her ex too. I didn't like that bit. If it was to show that Darby wasn't greedy well there were other ways to do that I suppose. I felt terrible for Trex aka Trexler because he liked her at this point.

Trex had a secret of his own that he was a particular marine soldier masquerading as a fireman.
I fell asleep listening to it around chapter 13 and woke up after 1 a.m in section 22, so sorry I missed it.
It was near Thanksgiving and Darby, and Trex had hot sex. Trexler has his group of soldiers he'd hang with and wanted to introduce them all to Darby now his girlfriend. Naomi, Logan, Martinez, Sloane, Kitch.
Once, they found some dead rabbits piled up in a mound in some front yard and knew it was Sean and that he was here in Colorado Springs. He left a note that said "MINE" on top. Sean's favourite word for Darby was 'bunny.' That is how sick and fucked up this guy was. Darby wasn't her real name either, but I think it was Scottie? Because I can't remember her real name, you are going to have to forgive me.
Well, I would like to say it ended happily ever after but not everything turned up roses. There were a few pushing daisies.
I hope to read more about it though.

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