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Story is excellent, audiobook is frustrating

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Reviewed: 2018-11-11

This audiobook is billed as "full cast", but that's only the case half the time. The other half, the characters are voiced by the narrator. Both the cast and the narrator are excellent, but the switching back and forth is incredibly frustrating and took me out of the story so many times.

It's a particular problem with the "Baron" character. The actor plays the character like a large muscly supervillain, and the narrator voices him like Winston Churchill. If they'd just picked one and stuck with it, it wouldn't be a problem. It's not even like they ran out of money half way through and had to can the actors because it switches back and forth constantly. They probably tried to voice as much as they could afford and just picked the most important scenes to use the actors, but man was it a bad choice.

Either way, the story is incredible. If you can overlook the voice acting, you'll have a great time. Otherwise, find a different version.

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