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Wish it was all Dave

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 2019-10-30

The content was FANTASTIC and I highly recommend this book to anyone, particularly people who are looking for practical ways to improve how they show up in this world and have ambitions requiring high levels of performance. My ONLY criticism is that the performer who read most of it didn't really do it justice. While he was clear, well-spoken and concise, a lot of the nuances of the author's writing voice (which is very verbal and aligns perfectly with his speaking voice) were completely lost and much of his dry, nerdy sarcastic humor (that I love so much and I'm sure I speak for many of his fans there) made several key parts sound clunky, awkward and sometimes completely failed to communicate what I believed to be the intended meaning of several passages. Especially if you prefer listening over reading or have trouble staying focused on information-dense literature, I highly recommend listening to this MULTIPLE times and at least once leaving it on 1x speed.