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Sour ramblings.

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Reviewed: 2019-04-20

I'll keep this short, the fact that this audio book is a collection of letters should tell you everything you need to know about it, as it is much like letters. Boring, wordy and written by people who are either out of touch with the present or consider themselves to be haughtier than the rest of us. While the letters purport to be comedic they are rambling complaints about mundane subjects akin to something Grandpa Simpson would write, coming from a man who would like to convince us of his moral superiority while really revealing his conceitedness: "why won't minivan driving losers just get out of the way and let me pass them in my turbo charged sports car?" he bemoans. I always assumed Patterson's terrible puns on the debaters were supposed to be intentionally bad, after listening to this audio book it appears that is just his level of comedic ability.