Rob Mensinger

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Consistency is what you expect

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Reviewed: 2019-11-12

I had the opportunity to meet Neil at a book signing on the day of release of this book in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Before this, I never knew who Neil was, what accomplishments he had before this book, or what the purpose of this books are. This is also the very first time I have written a book review formally.

My first comment is about Neil’s consistency. Whether you have had the opportunity to see him live, watch one of his recorded TED Talks or listen to his audiobooks he is exactly the same. The jovial lightheartedness in his presence is refreshing. The concept of resilience sounds heavy and often the books written on the subject are. This couldn’t be father from the truth with this book. The anecdotes and stories Neil shares serve to lighten up the larger more important message. This book is super easy fun listening which I believe is pivotal for any audiobook. You can have the most amazing content in the world but if the narrator is boring to listen you your gonna lose me.

I particularly enjoyed some of the references he used to being a big fish in a small pond, and, the end of history illusion.

Was this book a game changer for me personally. No. But it more than adequately serve to strengthen the messaging and concepts that we all need to hear over and over again. For that reason, I would highly recommend this book.

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