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Thre true threats to democracy are not covered

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Reviewed: 2020-09-26

Rather than tackling the true threats to democracy they persue the same narrative of the dangerous right. Using Soros as a speaker who funds far left acrivist groups who may have pure intentions but whose effect does more harm than good is an indicator of which side this audiobook portrays. Ironically throughout history identity politics which we are seeing now from has lead to every genocide. Similarly socialism which is being advocated by many in these activist groups leads invariably to authoritarianism (read The Road to Serfdom). Trump is no ally to unity and strong democracy but he hasn't demonstrated that he's the threat he's constantly made out to be. Populist identity politics with "genuine fears for their identity" is far more dangerous in it's devision and was seen in the soviet union after the Russian civil war. I think this is important information that is no longer popular to talk about. And we must speak about it lest it repeat itself. We should be weary of this

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