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Interesting information but generally impractical ideas with little data to support

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Reviewed: 2020-05-17

Decent review of clean tech energy sources versus carbon based energy.

Misses the mark on carbon tax review. States revenue neutral which is only accurate on the individual and not corporate level. Just like Trudumb and his vote buying money distribution (which will lead to massive future tax burdens and will destroy Canadians future standard of living) Mr. Rand fails to mention the fact that carbon taxes destroy Canadian standard of living through higher transportation and service costs

Like most discussions on clean tech energy sources it lacks a view of the future issues facing clean tech (solar breakdown of solar panels and significant maintenance costs). No mention of ROE on wind projects. No mention of the failure of German solar projects.

Brought up Wynn and Ontario’s cap and trade/solar fiasco and stated Ford was not wise to scrap the carbon pricing. Typical elitist view and blind to the damage done to people’s standard of living and the fact that Ontario will be paying off the debt for decades.

Little mention of the real issue facing Earth (population too high). Mr Rand did nail the likely future with his analogy of the foxes running out of rabbits to eat. With a population of 7.7 billion and growing we are the foxes and the earth the rabbits. The problem will be solved and the solution will involve hardship and death for many people. Just like the foxes. Mr Rand and Naomi can relax as the earth will take care of the overconsumption and capitalism all in one fell swoop. Warming=people and capitalism both decline. Warming slows as human activity declines and population stabilizes. Much like the current virus operation. Imagine a real crisis! The world’s supply chain will snap like a twig!! Consumption will fall and carbon emissions with the lower consumption will fall, just like the virus effect. Can you imagine the slowdown if there was a significant crisis!

Worth listening to, but generally a shallow, self serving message that misleads the reader in to believing that mankind can continue on if only we make the right choices (in his opinion clean tech). The real and obvious solution is less fox and more rabbit. Population=consumption. Less population=less energy consumption.