Some of the greatest additions to the world of dark fantasy, graphic novels, and twisted fairy tales are Neil Gaiman’s books. A master of his craft, he has produced some truly epic tales full of mythical creatures, deceitful demons, tricky spirits, Norse gods, and hellish monsters. Gaiman's works are so distinct and well thought out that they have amassed a strong following of Gaiman fans. Here we've compiled our list of the best Neil Gaiman books to date.


Starting off the list of Gaiman tales is Neverwhere, which was both a National Bestseller and made NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of All Time list. In true Neil Gaiman form, this novel is a mixture of the creepy and the absurd, a fantastical story that mixes the relatable with the strange and magnificent. Neverwhere takes place in London, and many of the landmarks and settings are familiar - or vaguely familiar to anyone that knows the city. And yet there are also angels, monsters, saints and sinners in London. Neverwhere weaves a shadowy tale that has captured both critics and audiences alike.

Gaiman's work all translates extremely well to the audiobook format. The Nevermore audio adaptation is self-narrated, and he brings the story to life chillingly and wondrously. The way in which he builds and describes his worlds make for an amazing listening experience, and audiences will quickly become hooked on this intriguing story.

The Sandman

There are many hit titles in Gaiman's body of work, but one of the most well-known and revered is the epic dark fantasy bestseller The Sandman. This science fiction and fantasy novel is a dark and twisted story of mortals and Eternals, which blends mythical characters, fates, and hellish beings together in a true storytelling masterpiece.

An epic comic book/graphic novel, The Sandman took the world by storm and gained such popularity that it has been adapted into various formats including an upcoming "The Sandman Series" on Netflix, and the Audible and DC audiobook collaboration, which is a full-cast audio experience. Narrators and voice actors include world-class names such as James McAvoy, Taron Egerton, Michael Sheen and Andy Serkis, as well as Neil Gaiman himself. Each takes on their part and character with the skill and enthusiasm of seasoned actors, for a performance that is a true audio masterpiece. The Sandman Act II is now available.

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (A Full Cast Production)

American Gods is another mysterious tale by Gaiman. This tale follows Shadow and how his life takes a foreboding turn after he agrees to work with the rogue Mr. Wednesday. It is a gripping tale of satire, horror and intrigue that keeps the listener guessing at every twist and turn.

American Gods quickly became a very popular tale when it was adapted into a tv series to great success. American Gods is also in audiobook format, and the story finds a retelling in the 10th-anniversary edition that features a full cast of voices. The full ensemble, featuring Ron McLarty, and Daniel Oreskes, really bring the story to life in their performances, creating a listening experience that is gripping and truly ‘unpausable’.

Good Omens

New York Times best-selling authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett come together in the creation of Good Omens. A story of a good versus evil, angels versus demons, and a young boy who just might be the antichrist, Good Omens is a whirlwind of dark fantasy, underworlds and morbid humour. The entire world is at risk, and as hell threatens to break loose, angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley find themselves in a dangerous dance each trying to forward their own agendas.

The story was so popular that it was converted into an Amazon miniseries, to huge success. It has also been adapted into an audiobook narrated by Martin Jarvis, whose smooth English voice brings the ominous tale to life. A true must-listen for any fan of Gaiman, Good Omens is a fast-paced action-packed dark adventure.

Anansi Boys

Anansai Boys is a follow up to American Gods, and stems from the same world. The tale focuses on the sons of Anansi, the trickster god, who was said to be able to trick the devil and possibly even cheat death. In true Gaiman style, Anansai Boys explores mythology and dark magic in a rich and enticing story that will have listeners unable to stop.

Gaiman pairs the character of Charlie - who really just wants a normal life - with a familial history and plot that is anything but normal for an exciting story that is both daring and deeply human, a classic staple of his writing. Lovers of the original American Gods will fall right back into that same crazy world with Anansi Boys.


Neil Gaiman is also the creator of the popular yet creepy story of Coraline. Despite the dark overtones in this - and most of Gaiman's work - Coraline is in fact a children's book. A cautionary tale with a moral reminding listeners to appreciate what they have, Coraline explores another 'different' family that at first seems marvellous but is a dangerous trap. Tense and spooky, this story is Gaiman on a kid's life, stripping back the more adult aspects of his mystical world in favour of a good old-fashioned spooky tale.

Coraline was adapted into a hit blockbuster animated movie, as well as an audiobook. The audio version is narrated by Gaiman himself, and his creator's knowledge adds a depth and understanding to the work that only he could. A great listen for your children who can handle something a little scary, or for older audiences, Coraline is an enticing scary story.