There is something about the format of a trilogy that seems to be the golden number for a story series. Whether movie trilogies, epic novels, or audiobook series, the magic three instalments seem to package a story in the ideal way - when done right. Here we've composed a list of some of the best trilogies of the book world for audiobook listeners to enjoy.

Oryx and Crake

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian literary icon - and for good reason. Her famous novel The Handmaid's Tale has stood the test of time to remain one of the most influential books of her day, and certainly a Canadian classic. Taught in schools, enjoyed by all ages, and even adapted for the screen, the story is iconic. But Atwood has also proven to be an excellent series writer. Not only did she follow The Handmaid's Tale with The Testaments, but she penned a wholly engrossing and captivating trilogy titled The MaddAddam Series.

This series is set in a post-apocalyptic world, with a narrator trying to come to grips with the catastrophe that has just happened, and the loss of beloved Oryx and Crake. The story is at once futuristic and disturbingly believable as it explores what life might look like after an epic global tragedy. This story will pull you in, and last in the mind of listeners well after the final word.

City of Stairs

The Divine Cities is an impressive trilogy full of fantasy, crime and mystery. The series by Robert Jackson Bennett is a futuristic tale with layers of mythical and magical wonder. The result is a twisting and turning tale of uprisings and underworlds, murder mystery and portals to the past. This trilogy has a little bit of everything and is a great option for anyone looking to dive into a rich world filled with wonder.

Alma Cuervo narrates the audiobook trilogy with a clear, engaging tone that carries the weight of this heavy story. Her narration helps to bring the unique world of The Divine Cities to life, resulting in a listening experience that is unlike any other.


Octavia E. Butler is a master of science fiction and the Xenogenesis Trilogy is no exception. This story includes everything a good sci-fi needs. Human-alien relations, nuclear war, spaceships, and action and adventure. On top of that, she plays with gender roles, identity politics and erotic to explore large questions about sexuality and race. Butler is a multiple Hugo and Nebula award-winner whose work in the genre has been revered by critics and fans alike. This trilogy is no different, and both new and established fans will love her fast-paced stories and complex world-building.

Aldrich Barrett narrates all three instalments of the trilogy (Dawn, Adulthood Rites and Imago). Barrett's performance helps bring to life this fast-paced ‘unpausable’ listen that has pulled in a wide-ranging audience and converted them to fans. Audiences will simply not be able to stop, and the trilogy is certifiably binge-worthy.

Sea of Poppies

A trilogy based on the 19th century Opium Wars of China, the Ibis Series is centred around the voyage of the Ibis ship across the Indian Ocean. This series' strength is in its characters. Amitav Ghosh mixes a wide range of characters from various backgrounds (Indians and Westerners) to create a dynamic cast that is as unpredictable as it is engaging. Ghosh has a strong handle on writing, expressing emotions, actions and character is such a way as to spur the listener onwards. The first book in the trilogy, Sea of Poppies sets the scene and introduces the characters and the story takes off from there.

Phil Gigante narrates the audiobook adaptations, giving each character a distinct voice, and helping to bring out the personality of each. These characters drive the story, and it is only through a strong narration of them that the tale can truly come to life in the mind of the listener.

The Fifth Season

For listeners looking for a new and exciting trilogy unlike any other, Broken Earth is a perfect choice. This series is unique, exciting, dynamic, and yet, still relatable. It follows supernatural characters - known as Orogene - who can bend and control the weather and natural elements. But because these people are so feared, they are shunned and separated from society in many ways. Eventually, this leads to a break and a great divide in the Earth.

The trilogy starts with the Fifth Season and carries on through The Obelisk Gate and The Stone Sky. Together these books look at power, oppression, and rule and the effects they have on society at large, all the while delivering an exciting fantasy story that is sure to hook any listener. Robin Miles narrates the series and brings a stellar performance, taking on the voices and personality of each character in turn for an all-around excellent listener experience.

The Three-Body Problem

Another exciting sci-fi series to add to any story enthusiast’s library is The Three Body Problem. In this series, Cixin Liu writes an exciting science fiction adventure steeped in military action, experimentation, and political upheaval. What results is an amazing story that is thrilling and poignant, captivating and deep. Soldiers and scientists clash, and worlds fight for survival. It is a true epic of a science fiction book series.

The original works are translated into English by Joel Martinsen, bringing the award-winning Chinese work to English audiences for the first time. Similarly, the audiobook adaptations are read by various narrators including Luke Daniels, Feodor Chin and most often P. J. Ochlan, who voices books two-four. A must-add to any library of science fiction, space or fantastical series, The Three Body Problem is an exciting listen.

Wolf Hall

The Wolf Hall Trilogy is perfect for lovers of history. It is set in England in the 1520s and follows the stories of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and of course Thomas Cromwell. Pulling the characters from history, this story is rich and deep. What unfolds is a story of politics and power, undercut by scandal, betrayal and an overall tension that gripped an entire nation.

Wolf Hall, Bring up the Bodies, and The Mirror and the Light are retelling and fictionalization of the major events which shaped England and Catholicism in the 1520s. It is tense, suspenseful, and the kind of story listeners simply won't be able to pause - whether they are familiar with the real-life historical events or not. Narrator Simon Vance brings the first two instalments to life, while the third title is available in 30-minute episodes performed by Joseph Kloska.

Some Luck

The Last Hundred Years is a National Bestseller from Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley. The trilogy is a masterpiece of history and generational bonds, as it follows one family's journey through three decades. A fictional tale that is rooted in history, the story explores life, loss and love through the years. The tale pulls on tropes from Shakespeare's King Lear but weaves them in a new and exciting way in order to make the tale timelessly relatable to audiences.

The audiobook trilogy consists of three titles: Some Luck, Early Warning, and Golden Age, all narrated by Lorelei King. King is an experienced narrator who has voiced over 150 titles on Audible. Here, she brings her expertise and experience to Smiley's work in a beautiful marriage of narration and content. A detailed look and farm life and motherhood, this trilogy is domestic literature at its finest.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Is there any more epic trilogy than The Lord of the Rings? This J.R.R. Tolkien classic is the ultimate adventure trilogy. From the start of the journey in The Fellowship of the Ring to the battles of The Two Towers, and the exciting conclusions of The Return of the King, no fantasy trilogy has made quite the impact that The Lord of the Rings has. Tolkien's world-building skills are unmatched, and the level of detail with which he creates and brings his world to life is astounding.

From dark and dangerous villains to inspiring bravery, the characters and storylines in these novels are moving and exciting. Tolkien creates a story that is, at its heart, a good versus evil tale but adds layer upon layer of magic, mystery, quests and setbacks that make The Lord of the Rings trilogy the true epic that it is. The story has been adapted into award-winning films, as well as audiobooks narrated by the talented Rob Inglis.