The book series Outlander, its audiobook and TV show adaptations have become extremely popular stories for book lovers and historical romance fans alike. Full of danger, passion, obligations and a rich sense of Scottish history, the story follows events from the Second World War back to the time of the Jacobites, picking up a strong devoted following along the way. Fans looking for the next audiobook or series to fill the Outlander-shaped void, though, need not fret. There is a wide range of time travel romances, Scottish historical fiction, and mixtures of the two to fill the space left by the beloved Outlander series. We've compiled a list of Audible book recommendations any fan of the Outlander series will love.

Into the Dim

Lovers of Outlander will immediately recognize the familiar plot devices of time travel in Scotland that can be found in Into the Dim. This story follows the tale of Hope, who tries to retrieve her mother from the 12th century, where she became trapped after a rogue mission from her time travelling society goes wrong. Into the Dim mixes romance with historical fiction in a Scottish love story full of danger and mystery.

Janet B. Taylor's Into the Dim is the perfect follow-up novel for any Outlander fan looking for that next enticing listen. Into the Dim is also the first in a series - Sparks of Light being the second title, and both audiobooks are narrated by Amanda Ronconi. Ronconi brings the energy and excitement needed to help the story come to life.

Sophia's Secret

The Slains series by Susanna Kearsley is another must-listen historical romance story for anyone looking for a post-Outlander series. Kearsley is a Canadian author and New York Times bestseller in historical fiction and mystery. The first book in the series, Sophia's Secret (previously titled The Winter Sea) follows an author's journey to an ancient castle in Scotland where she begins to explore her family's history and winds up uncovering a love story that pulls her in.

Fans of Diana Gabaldon will love Susanna Kearsley. Her engaging storylines blend with ancient history in a similar style to the famed Outlander author, making for enthralling tales of love throughout the ages. This audiobook series has three titles, the first of which is narrated by Carolyn Bonnyman whose calm, melodic voice captures the tone of the story perfectly and transports the listener to ancient Scotland.

Doomsday Book

Another excellent series for fans of historical fiction live Outlander is Oxford Time Travel. The first book in the series, Doomsday Book, sees the main character Kivrin becoming lost in the past of a dangerous 14th century Britain. A tale of action, adventure and tension, author Connie Willis expertly parallels the stories of Kivrin in the past, with her mentor firmly placed in the 21st century.

Together these stories weave a dramatic and intense tale both rich in history and action. The series is narrated by various voice artists including Jenny Sterlin, who brings the story to life in her performance of Book 1: Doomsday Book.

Playing the Odds

Nora Roberts is one of the best-known and well-loved authors of romance novels around. She has written more than 200 novels, most of which are romance-based works. Fans that loved the epic love story of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser will fall head over heels for Roberts' The MacGregors.

Nora Roberts does what she does best, building a world of passion and romance, producing some of the best books of the romance world. The eleven-book series, The MacGregors, kicks off with Playing the Odds and is an excellent introduction to the MacGregor family and their romantic tales. The audiobook series is narrated by Angela Dawe, who adds consistency throughout the entire series.

Into the Wilderness

Another historical fiction title, Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati is a great choice for anyone looking for their next story after Outlander. This story follows an English family who leaves their life in England for a new start on the American frontier in 1792. From there, the tale explores this historical setting by looking at themes of identity, will and passion.

This audiobook is the first in a series of six titles, all part of the Wilderness story. Each audiobook narrated by Kate Reading brings all the variation of character the story needs to come to life for the listener and draw them into the world of Wilderness.

Wild Wicked Scot

Outlander fans will love this romantic tale set in the Scottish highlands. A tale of rule, seduction, trickery and dubious plots, The Highland Grooms series by Julia London is exciting, scandalous and full of the romance and history any good Outlander lover wants. The first title of the series, Wild Wicked Scot sets the stage for the seductive and treacherous tale of English woman Margot Armstrong and her chieftain husband's struggles between political obligation and their inner desires.

This classic romance series features six engaging audiobooks full of lust and love all narrated by Derek Perkins. Perkins adds his experienced voice to these stories in a powerful reading that will capture the interest of any listener.

Ruby Red

Ruby Red is another great example of time travel romance and adventure. The series follows Gwenyth Shepherd and Gideon through 18th century London as they navigate history, destiny, and ancestral bonds. Their lives seem to be inexplicably linked, and they are forced to rely on each other more and more as the question of who they can trust - in past or present day.

This trilogy is composed of audiobooks Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green which are each narrated by Marisa Calin. She brings her smooth English voice to the story, adapting accents and character voices for a full audio experience that listeners will love to dive into. A fun and engaging listen, the Ruby Red series offers a slightly lighter alternative to fans of Outlander and time travelling sagas of its kind.