What is “Megxit”?

Megxit - that’s what the tabloids have called the withdrawal of the Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex from the “Firm” (their royal roles and royal titles). “The Firm” is a well-oiled small business called Windsor, in which the members of the royal family are paid from the public purse for performing their royal duties, like charity work and public appearances of various kinds. The term “Megxit'' is a play on “Brexit,” which refers to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

The Megxit – when Harry and Meghan allegedly presented the termination notice to Harry’s grandmother at Buckingham Palace rather boldly – caused quite a stir. After all, the public had not seen this happen before. Harry had always been viewed as the rebel of the family. It was once rumoured that his dream job was to be an African tour guide. His wife, Meghan, apparently had no desire to fit into the archaic structures behind the palace walls. On the one hand, there was understanding; on the other, royalists criticized the apparent lack of a sense of duty.

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Harry’s Voice and Media Criticism

Megan has been heavily criticized in the media. Her critics label her as conniving and selfish—the woman who took the good-natured Harry away from Britain. But the truth is that no one can understand how a young, ambitious American woman must have felt after she moved into Frogmore Cottage when she married into a family that upholds thousands of years of tradition.

For the first time in history, a royal gives insight into what goes on behind the palace walls. In Spare, Prince Harry opens up about his life as the little brother of the future heir to the throne - and of course, also reports on what drove him and his wife and son Archie to leave the UK for North America and settle in California and break off family relations.