Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders

The mysterious and dark world of Oracle is waiting to pull you in. Andrew Pyper’s Oracle series is an absolute must-listen audiobook series full of genre-bending mystery and excitement. One of the best new books to hit the mystery and thriller world, this dynamic listen is quickly becoming one of the most loved audiobooks on Audible. Pyper effortlessly blends heightened suspense and mystery thriller tropes with supernatural elements to create an exciting, weaving, and winding story that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The first book from the series, Oracle, was met with much acclaim and praise from critics and fans alike. The fast-paced, action-filled thriller mixed with fantastic elements continues in Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders. Pyper brings all the same moments of suspense to this continuing tale, and fans of the first instalment will not be disappointed.

Again, Canadian-born actor and voice artist Joshua Jackson narrates this audiobook expertly. His distinctly Canadian voice pairs well with Pyper’s style. He brings an engaging and inviting tone that is appealing to listeners yet holds all the power, tension and dramatic flair needed to take on such an incredible and profound story. Hit play on Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders to continue along the Oracle journey.

The Push

Described as “utterly addictive” by literary icon Paula Hawkins (author of The Girl on the Train), The Push is sure to satisfy any thriller junkie. This audiobook dives deep into the dark pools of motherhood in a thrilling tale unlike any other. The Push is a psychological drama that will challenge perceptions of family, loyalty and bonds while an unforgettable story unfolds.

Ashley Audrain’s debut work, The Push thrives from its opening lines right through to the conclusion. The story carries a sense of urgency, tension and suspense that keeps the listener on their toes. Audrain’s style is short, punchy and impactful, packing power and emotion into every word. There is also much in the unspoken, and Audrain delivers this underlying subtext with ease, without sacrificing narrative power nor the suspense needed to make a thriller shine.

This audiobook takes a new spin on the beloved thriller genre, creating a must-listen in the process.

Find You First

Bestselling author Linwood Barclay is back with another thrilling masterpiece. Tension, suspense and mystery all play into this twisting tale, making for a listen that truly is unpausable. Listeners will struggle to stop themselves as they strive to solve the murder of an heir to a multi-million dollar tech company.

Be warned, this audiobook clocks in at over 11 hours. Even so, that time flies by once the story gets its claws into the listener. It won’t take long to become wrapped up in the psychological mystery and gruesome acts.

Listeners will quickly become engrossed in the masterfully written suspense and thrilling storyline, a tale designed to strap you to the edge of your seat. A true binge-worthy listen, it is nearly impossible to stop once you get going, as the action builds and grows into a suspense-filled climax.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here

Another impressive debut thriller here in the form of The Girls Are All So Nice Here, by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn. This audiobook is another example of a psychological thriller that leaves the listener hanging on every word.

The story follows Ambrosia Washington, who receives an invitation to her ten-year college reunion. What unfolds is a tense tale of secrets, mystery, and a past that looms ever darker over her and her fellow characters. Is anything ever forgotten? Will their past as a young girl finally catch up to her? Menacing threats and cryptic notes fill the story with the suspense and mystery it needs to keep the listener guessing at every turn.

For thriller lovers looking for a new classic story about how your former life can never be fully buried, The Girls Are All So Nice Here is a must-listen that is undeniably unpausable.

Six Weeks to Live

Catherine Mackenzie’s Six Weeks to Live is a twist on the classic murder mystery. The story follows Jennifer Barnes, a 48-year-old mother diagnosed with cancer. When Jennifer realizes that someone may have tried to poison her a year prior, what unfolds is a winding crusade for answers.

By focusing on a murder attempt and not a tragic victim, Mackenzie offers a new take on the ‘whodunnit’ genre. The stakes are raised as the character attempting to solve the mystery is the would-be victim. Add Jennifer’s increasing doubts that she may have imagined the whole poisoning in the first place, and Six Weeks to Live develops into a story that is equal parts tension and wonder.

This race-against-the-clock audiobook is perfect for those seeking a fast-paced, high-energy story that weaves familial bonds, betrayal, unease, and thrilling suspense into one exciting case-solving mystery.

The End of Her

This latest thriller by novelist Shari Lapena became an instant New York Times bestseller and is the perfect next listen for fans of Lapena or domestic thrillers in general. Lapena is a master of taking the seemingly everyday and flipping it on its head.

When Stephanie finds out that the death of her husband’s first wife may not have been the accident she believed it to be, her quaint domestic life is turned upside down. Stephanie is forced to grapple with the knowledge that her husband may not be who she thought he was, and her life may not be as ‘normal’ as she previously believed.

A gripping tale of deception and lies, this story of suburban paranoia is Lapena at her best. Listeners will be drawn in by the familiarity of Stephanie’s quiet house-mom life, only to be swept up, as Stephanie is, in the confusion and worry of trying to decipher the truth behind all the lies. Once listeners start this chilling tale, it will be almost impossible to stop.

The President's Daughter

Fans of The President Is Missing will love this next installment from the minds of master duo James Patterson and Bill Clinton. Patterson is a novel-writing icon, with countless popular titles under his belt. He has created some of the best books of his genre, including several world-renowned and beloved thriller series. This collaboration series with former American president Clinton is no exception, combining Patterson’s trademark action-filled drama with a splash of political intrigue and realistic detail from Clinton’s life experiences.

This classic abduction tale is full of everything listeners want from an all-action thriller. The drama, fast pace and heightened stakes are palpable, making for a listening experience that will suck audiences in and leave them unable to pause.

Long-time lovers of the thriller and suspense genres won’t be disappointed with this must-listen title, one that showcases the mastery of a James Patterson story. Get swept away in the high-profile all-or-nothing chase as the president seeks to save his daughter and bring justice to her abductors.

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is one of the most popular contemporary thrillers. The list of awards it has won is seemingly never-ending, and the tale has since been adapted into a star-studded feature film which also garnered high praise. Hawkins displays a keen grasp of the thriller and suspense genres, pulling on classic tropes and tactics while infusing the story with flair. Does it translate to the audiobook format? You better believe it does.

Lovers of suspense and psychological thrillers won’t be able to stop listening to this dark and menacing story of misguided perception and veiled truths. Rachel thinks she knows the couple she sees in their suburban home as she passes by on her daily train commute, but what can you really understand from a brief snapshot of someone else’s life?

Hawkins also brilliantly plays on a seemingly unreliable narrator, drawing doubt and concern from the listener in all the right areas. Can the audience trust the main character narrator? Can the narrator trust her own senses? Only time will tell. The Girl on the Train is a must-read for both thriller veterans and those new to the genre alike.

Every Dead Thing

For thriller lovers looking for their next favourite series, this first installment of John Connolly’s Charlie Parker series is an absolute must-listen. The main protagonist (Charlie Parker, obviously) is the classic tortured detective, driven to distraction by the murder of his wife and daughter. Unable to solve the open case in his own life, Parker uses this frustration to fuel his work, just as the shadow of revenge and guilt grows ever darker over his life.

When his partner asks for help finding a missing girl, Parker’s trauma and thinly veiled psychosis begin to crack, throwing the detective into a dangerous world of high stakes and risks. Connolly spins a dark and twisting tale that relies equally on the suspense of an unsolved case as it does a troubled detective with something to prove.

By merging the classic detective story with an internal psychological battle, Every Dead Thing and the Charlie Parker series retain an edge that will keep listeners coming back for more. Gripping, exciting, and full of genuine terror, gore, and death, this is perfect for any thriller lover looking to jump into a new series.

One Small Sacrifice

An absolute must for any lover of mystery and suspense, One Small Sacrifice is just about as unpausable as it gets. This title is book one in the Shadows of New York series, meaning lovers of the genre can keep listening for hours and hours on end. Unexpected plot twists create the mystery and speculation that fuel this thriller and keep the listeners guessing from beginning to end.

Hilary Davidson expertly controls a complicated plot that blends all the classic elements of an excellent mystery tale. Pair this with an ensemble narrating cast of Joe Hempel, Lacy Laurel, Mark Turetsky, and Natalie Naudus, and the story takes on a life of its own.

From compelling characters to shocking revelations, this audiobook is the perfect addition to any thriller-centric playlist. The plot will surprise and trick the listener, while the narrative is specifically designed to engage and pull the audience in. Listeners won’t be able to stop until they’ve reached the climactic conclusion of this thrilling story of murder and disappearance.

The Last High

Pulling on relevant points from the ongoing opioid crisis throughout North America, this poignant detective thriller from Daniel Kalla has a relatable edge that makes it a must-listen for Canadian thriller lovers.

Kalla is himself a doctor from Vancouver and is thus able to draw on real-life experiences to add depth and reality to his work. This breadth of knowledge brings The Last High to life in a way that will pull listeners in and refuse to let them go. Much of Kalla’s previous work focuses on characters with medical backgrounds, so listeners know just the style they are in for. To the point, that means a story that is exciting, dramatic, and thrilling while still being rooted in real-life medical crises.

The Last High is the perfect listen for lovers of medical thrillers. This title became an instant bestseller thanks to Kalla’s reputation and the gripping tale of greed, addiction, and crime that he spins so effortlessly.

Blacktop Wasteland

The past is never fully left behind. The secrets you keep, the shadows you bury, they all come back in the end. Blacktop Wasteland is another example of a thriller that tries to tackle this fear, focusing as it does on a character trying to outrun their past. In this case, that character is Bug Montage, a standup family man whose previous days as a getaway driver are coming back to haunt him.

This title is the perfect audiobook for those that love stories of characters wrestling with their own demons. From mental battles to personal reform, these tales offer a glimpse into what it is like to break free from your past, as well as reminding listeners that all actions have consequences.

What makes this audiobook really shine, though, is the narration. Narrator Adam Lazarre-White delivers the story with passion, excitement, and a richness that takes this tale to the next level. Not only will the plot grip listeners, but Lazarre-White’s voice will draw you in with just the right amount of suspense and drama. Between the content and the performance, this audiobook is a can’t-miss.

The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

If you think you know where this story is going, you don’t. The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle lives up to the mystery and intrigue of its title. A mystery thriller like no other, this story will keep the listener guessing at every turn. Every time you get a little more information, the mystery increases, creating as many questions as it provides answers.

This is a stunning debut from Stuart Turton that is gaining interest and praise across North America. Inventive, unique, and compelling, Turton takes a whole new approach to the murder mystery genre. The style seamlessly blends tropes and techniques from classic murder stories, elements of sci-fi and the oft-used time loop trick in a brand new way that is anything but recycled.

Exciting, dark, innovative and new, this story is a genre masterpiece that listeners will almost inevitably binge-listen from the very beginning. The further in the story you go, the stronger the desire to find out more. Add compelling and sympathetic main characters to this powerful storyline, and you get a mystery thriller audiobook masterpiece.