Monsters & Murderers: Where to Get Your True Crime Fix

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Looking for Binge-able True Crime Content? Look No Further

Why are true crime podcasts thriving? Audio productions create a unique intimacy with the listener, and the podcast format makes for the ultimate binge-able experience

Remember the last time you solved a crossword puzzle, or fit the last piece into place in a massive jigsaw puzzle? Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction you get when you are able to tackle a problem, and piece by piece, figure out the solution. True crime podcasts give you that same sense of satisfaction while offering up a narrative experience you won’t soon forget.

True crime and podcasts were made for each other. There’s no denying the genre has come into its own with the podcast format, attracting millions of devoted fans and new listeners alike. Podcasts make for a binge-able, immersive listening experience that explores the psychology of true crime and the investigations that catch the perpetrators.

Listening to a true crime podcast lets you solve a psychological puzzle piece by piece and discover why these crimes happen and how their perpetrators can be stopped. Each podcast we finish makes us want to start the next one.

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Bingeing Your Favourite Podcasts

As more and more podcast series are released all at once, binge listening is quickly becoming the new binge watching. Listeners appreciate the freedom to enjoy episode after episode in a single session.

What makes a binge-able podcast? A story that delves deeper with every episode and an investigation that draws you in. Take Evil Has a Name, the 14-episode Audible Original about the unorthodox detective work that finally caught the Golden State Killer - over 20 years after his last known crime spree.

Evil Has a Name features all-new details about the investigation from Paul Holes, the detective in Costa County who devoted 20 years to cracking the Golden State Killer case. If you love following deep investigations and finding out how criminals finally get caught, you won’t be able to stop listening to this one.

Evil Has a Name: The Untold Story of the Golden State Killer Investigation

Audible Original
Podcast Podcast

Settle into an Immersive Experience

Podcasts offer listeners a unique type of intimacy. When you’re tuned into someone’s voice on a podcast it’s like they’re talking directly to you. It’s a different kind of connection than you get from watching a movie or show.

Listening also leaves more room for the imagination. Visual media provides all the details, but when you listen to a story your imagination fills in the blanks, making it all the more engrossing and satisfying. Good podcasts create a visceral feeling that hooks listeners from the get-go.

If you really want an immersive experience, an investigative podcast should be your next listen. Immerse yourself in the thrilling detective work of journalists Sophie Ellis and Darrell Brown in Body of Proof, a two-year journey into the truth behind the case of Suzanne Pilley, a woman who disappeared without a trace in a crime that left no body, no witnesses and no physical evidence. Body of Proof is sure to satisfy if you live for detail-oriented casework and investigations that challenge the justice system.

Body of Proof

Sophie Ellis, Darrell Brown
Podcast Podcast

Solve a Psychological Puzzle

Are your equal parts disturbed and fascinated by what goes on in the minds of the perpetrators in true crime stories? Do you live for behavioural analysis and FBI profiling? True crime provides listensers a challenge to figure out the psyche of the criminal and solve the crime. Each episode provides more tantalizing clues as you piece together a picture of the criminal mind.

True crime podcasts like Call Me God will lock you into the sense of urgency its detectives felt. In this heart-racing investigation into the 2002 DC sniper attacks, you’ll join FBI brothers Jim Clemente and Tim Clemente as they recount the harrowing 23-day race to identify the shooters using behavioral, forensics and ballistics analysis. Call Me God explores a case that tests the limits of law enforcement and draws you deep into the wrenching investigation.

Call Me God: The Untold Story of the DC Sniper Investigation

Jim Clemente, Tim Clemente
Maureen O'Connell
Podcast Podcast

Find True Crime Podcasts on Audible

If you have a puzzle-solving itch you just need to scratch, you’ll find tons of true crime podcasts right here on Audible. Many Audible Original Podcasts are available free for members, giving you a chance to explore the best in true crime and get hooked on your next binge-worthy title. Explore true crime podcasts and audiobooks in Canada with Audible and learn about some of the most complex investigations in history.

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