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"Humanity evolves thanks to people who think differently and discover new ways hidden from the majority." L.W. Ross-Child. William Ross-Child is a trained ADHD therapist, author, and a firm believer that ADHD can be a strength rather than a weakness. He pioneers a more positive and empathetic approach to understanding ADHD and offers practical advice for managing the condition. The need for knowledge to live life to the fullest for any ADHD-affected person is a must for him. Born in a Rural area near Boulder, Colorado (to an Argentinian mother and American father) he later moved to San Diego area after marriage. With over 30 years of experience in practicing ADHD therapies he has a wealth of personal and professional experience to draw upon. William's passion for ADHD comes from his own experience of living with the condition and from helping his son, Daniel, who is also affected by ADHD. Through his books, William Ross-Child shares his unique perspective on ADHD as an extraordinary way of interpreting and feeling life, rather than a curse or a mental illness. . In his books, William shares his insights and knowledge to empower those with ADHD to live fulfilling and successful lives. He sees ADHD as a valuable asset rather than a deficit, and he believes that with the right knowledge and support, individuals with ADHD can harness their unique perspectives to achieve great things.William's positive attitude and warm approach reflect his passion for helping others to thrive with ADHD In 2021 he wrote his first book about parents raising children with ADHD. After success and positive feedback from readers, he decided to devote himself to writing books about ADHD and its various expressions, quickly becoming a leading figure in the ADHD landscape. His books are currently translated into five languages, finding much acclaim around the world. While he is now retired, William Ross-Child remains committed to raising awareness about ADHD and its potential benefits. Now he can devote himself to writing books, and in order to have the right environment and tranquility, he decided to leave town. He currently resides in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain with his wife and two labrador dogs, where he spends his time enjoying the outdoors, playing the piano and long walks with the dogs on the seaside. Intensely private, he values family time above all else and avoids using social media, preferring to spend time in the beauty of nature instead. Overall, William Ross-Child is a compassionate and empathetic advocate for those with ADHD. He changed the paradigm that ADHD is a curse on the concept of a gift. His dedication to living life to the fullest is a testament to the empowering philosophy he espouses in his books. You can contact L. William Ross-Child through novamundopublishing@gmail.com
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