Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci is an author, transdisciplinary teacher focused on somatics and embodied spirituality, and the creator of the Move In Mind Method and of the Sacred Body Program. As an expert in the field of self-development and spiritual growth, Monica is committed to creating more awareness about the connections between thoughts, emotions, body structure, health, relationships, and the environment, so as to help people express their full potential in harmony with the surrounding world. Monica is also an acknowledged artist and performer who defines herself as an "enlightening enter-trainer” because she believes in the healing power of humour. Monica describes herself as a Renaissance woman of present times, able to integrate science and spirituality. She is a Certified Transformation, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Coach, a Certified Rolfer®, and a Certified instructor with the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration. 

Monica is also the creator of the Move In Mind™ method, supporting nervous system rewiring, and of The Sacred Body Program, aimed at helping women embrace their feminine energy by reconnecting to Nature's cycles in order to shine and thrive at any age. During the 80s, to deepen her knowledge in the fields of anthropology, symbology, and ancient healing traditions, Monica began combining the studies of Hermeticism, Astrology, Kabbalah, and Alchemy with practical work alongside other healers, shamans, medicine men and women, teachers and masters belonging to consolidated spiritual lineages from around the world.    Beginning in the 1990s, Monica has studied neuroscience, hypnosis, meditation, NLP, constantly exploring the interconnections between body structure, thoughts, and emotions from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective.  Monica is also known as the "Guiding Star” and the “Dancing Fairy” because those who read her books and follow her courses say they feel lightened, enlightened, supported, revived, and they begin to experience life as a joyful dance.  She was born in Italy and happily relocated to Canada in 2012 where she lived with her husband, their son, and their beloved cats until 2022. In 2022, as soon as Monica made all her experience, expertise, and practical knowledge available through her online courses, California called her to move again, and right now she enjoys dancing among the redwoods. Then...Who knows? Stay tuned...
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    • A Guide to the Faerie Dimension: Making the Invisible Seen
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    • Language: English
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