Introducing Canadian Audible Originals: Your Next Must-Listen Experience

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This Slate of Canadian Originals Is Eh-Plus Listening

Listen to Canadian voices that need to be heard

Are you ready for something truly original?

We're excited to introduce Canadian Audible Originals, a collection of original content that combines fascinating topics and stellar storytelling with some of the country's most celebrated talent, showcasing Canadian voices across genres as varied as the narratives themselves. These Canadian Originals show off what it means to truly be from the True North. You’ll hear stories about true crime, the ins and outs of business, self-development, Sci-Fi, food, environment, race & identity and gripping new fiction.

This newest offering of locally-produced content by Canadian storytellers, which reflects the varied perspectives, identities and stories of this country, is an excellent addition to our existing catalogue of great Canadian audiobooks. Celebrating Canadian voices was the key inspiration behind this first collection of Canadian-made titles. We are excited to offer them to our listeners.

Most titles will be released as Audible Original Podcasts, an exclusive free-listening benefit for members in addition to their monthly credit.

This collection of home-grown new releases is created specifically for the audio format and offer an immersive experience, as celebrated Canadian performers lend their familiar voices to new stories and conversations made for you.

What’s on Offer

Titles from Audible’s inaugural Canadian Originals slate will release starting October 13, 2020, with the launch of The Revisionaries with Michele Romanow and True North Heists with Colm Feore, both of which are free for all Canadian until October 27, 2020.

These Audible Originals will continue to be released throughout Fall 2020 and much of 2021, with more projects to be announced and released regularly in the future.

Available now is True North Heists with Colm Feore, who examines some of the biggest heists in Canadian history. Ever wanted to get to the bottom of the Great Maple Syrup Heist — when one sleepy morning in 2012, 9561 barrels of maple syrup (worth over $18 million) went missing? Learn more about this sticky caper, as well as nine other incredible heist stories.

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What could be better than uncovering stories about Canada’s most notorious heists narrated by stage and screen icon Colm Feore? Each exciting episode features stories about robberies and prison breaks, but they come with a twist of affability that is uniquely North of the 49th.

As Feore puts it, these crimes and the criminals who commit them are "very, very gentle, very, very human, and I think very, very Canadian."

If you have an ear for business and finance, you’ll love The Revisionaries — another title available for download now. If you’re familiar with the CBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den, then you know Michele Romanow, a titan of the tech industry and a serial entrepreneur. Cofounder of Clearbanc, Michele started five companies before she was 33. This podcast features Michele talking to the founders and innovators behind leading companies, including Canadian successes like Canada Goose, Endy and Knix.

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Learn how they failed, dusted themselves off and dove back into the fray on the road to success. This tech savvy podcast is perfect for those interested in hearing about how others fared in the world of business. Listeners with a flair for business and problem solving, or really anyone looking for inspiration and motivation, will definitely want to check it out.

Launching on November 26, 2020, Tanya Talaga introduces listeners to Seven Truths. This series explores each of the Seven Grandfather Teachings through a contemporary lens. The teachings guide Anishinaabe life and in each episode their continued relevance is woven together with conversation about current-day social issues and life lessons.

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If you can’t get enough of the outdoors, even when you’re indoors, you’ll love Wild Sounds of Canada with Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, launching in December 2020. Available in both English and French — brought to life in French by Laurence Lafond-Beaulne of the musical duo Milk & Bone — this title gives listeners a rare treat.

Take a tour of the howls, warbles and calls of different wildlife at several memorable Canadian locations from the Tombstone Mountains of the Yukon Territory to the coastal plains of Newfoundland.

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Still Hungry for More? Additional Titles Are Coming in 2021

In 2021, even more Canadian Originals content will arrive on your digital doorstep.

You’ll be treated to The Awesome Project with Louisa Jewell, where you’ll learn profound and often hilarious lessons about positivity. Alongside her guests, you’ll be guided on a journey of self-betterment as you learn how to overcome obstacles and live a more fulfilling life.

You’ll also have access to Imminent Disaster with Catherine Hernandez — a sharply observant sketch comedy series that tackles the absurdities of our chaotic contemporary reality. Whether the subject is technology, family or romantic entanglements, Hernandez mixes her stinging brand of comedy with charm and wit.

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You’ll be adding these new titles to your list of favourite popular audiobooks and podcasts from Audible in no time.

Although our audio entertainment service is just one of the ways Audible immerses itself in the Canadian creative community, we are also proud to be continuously expanding.

Canadian Audible Originals are a collection of new releases that cover a wide variety of subjects with depth and passion. We hope you are as excited to explore this brand-new lineup of incredible listens as we are to present them.

Get ready to explore Canadian Original culture with these Canadian Originals titles.

The Revisionaries

with Michele Romanow

available October 13, 2020

Dragons' Den's Michele Romanow sits down with today's leading business innovators and entrepreneurs to reveal the inside story of the early pitfalls, landmines and almost insurmountable setbacks they encountered on their journeys to become visionaries.

True North Heists

with Colm Feore

available October 13, 2020

Actor Colm Feore takes you on a deep dive inside the gripping, true stories of Canada's most infamous thefts, from an eighteen-million-dollar maple syrup scheme, to Canada's first great train robbery.

Seven Truths

with Tanya Talaga

available November 26, 2020

Award-winning author and indigenous rights activist Tanya Talaga tells her personal story of the fight for human rights in Canada’s First Nation Peoples as told through the lens of the Seven Grandfather Teachings that guide Anishinaabe life.

Wild Sounds of Canada / Paysage sonore de la Nnature canadienne

bilingual series

English with Sarika Cullis-Suzuki (available in December 2020)

Français interprété par Laurence Lafond-Beaulne (available in December 2020)

Join Sarika Cullis-Suzuki for an intimate tour of the wild heart of the nation. From the Tombstone Mountains of the Yukon Territory to the coastal plains of Newfoundland, each episode is alive with the buzzes, warbles and howls of wildlife at different locations across the country.

Suivez Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, du duo musical Milk & Bone, dans un voyage intime à travers les régions sauvages de la nation. Du mont Tombstone au Yukon jusqu'aux plaines côtières de Terre-Neuve, chaque épisode prend vie avec des bourdonnements, gazouillis et hurlements de la nature sauvage provenant de divers lieux à travers le pays.

The Secret Diaries of Detective Murdoch

with Yannick Bisson

available in 2021

With the detective himself, this 10-part companion to the popular Murdoch Mysteries series peers into the detective's diaries, giving fans deeper insight into the character and his most notable cases.

Field Guide to Eating in Canada / Guide pratique des saveurs canadiennes

bilingual series

English with Meredith Erickson

Interprète francophone annoncé bientôt

available in 2021

Food writer and cookbook author Meredith Erickson takes listeners on a coast-to-coast culinary adventure across Canada, exploring far-flung destinations to find great food and the people who make it.

Les auditeurs sont transportés dans une aventure culinaire d'un océan à l'autre au Canada, explorant des destinations lointaines pour découvrir de la bonne nourriture et les gens qui la cuisinent.

Imminent Disaster

with Catherine Hernandez

available in 2021

Created by Canadian author and playwright Catherine Hernandez, this sharp-eyed sketch comedy series takes aim at the absurdities of our chaotic modern world, from tackling technology to juggling family and workplace to navigating everyday relationships.

The Awesome Project

with Louisa Jewell

available in 2021

Positive psychology expert Louisa Jewell shares her profound and often hilarious journey with guests, inspiring change, overcoming obstacles and helping us all to live a better, more fulfilling and totally awesome life.

Witch [Working Title]

with Hannah Moscovitch

available in 2021

In this eerily fun and gritty 10-part original drama from Canadian playwright Hannah Moscovitch, a downtrodden young woman can barely hold it all together when, in the midst of being overwhelmed by the chaos of her daily life, she learns she has extraordinary supernatural abilities and discovers she's more powerful than she thought.


written by Andrew Pyper

performer to be announced

available in 2021

In this psychological thriller from bestselling author Andrew Pyper, a police psychic tracks an elusive serial killer, finding the missing and murdered by "reading" those close to them, an unwanted gift that comes with a terrible price.

Note: This title will cost 1 credit for members or may be purchased a la carte.

Oracle: The Dreamland Murders

written by Andrew Pyper

performers to be announced

available in 2021

In this 10-part thriller series from bestselling author Andrew Pyper, police psychic Nate Russo races against the clock to solve a series of grisly ritual murders, all linked to cold cases from decades past, and mysteriously connected to a sinister derelict amusement park called Dreamland.

China White

written by Sarah Richards

English performer to be announced

Interprète francophone annoncé bientôt

available in 2021

In China White—the first instalment of a series from an exciting new voice in fiction—a disgraced ex-police officer forms an unlikely alliance with a teenage cult member, and together they expose an opioid drug ring and bring those responsible to justice.

Dans China White, le premier titre d’une série provenant d’une nouvelle voix passionnante en fiction, un ex-policier disgracié forme une alliance improbable avec un adolescent membre d'une secte pour démasquer un réseau de distribution d’opiacés et traduire les responsables en justice.

Note: This title will cost 1 credit for members or may be purchased a la carte.

The Stand In

written by Lily Chu

available in 2021

Set in Toronto, The Stand In is an #OwnVoices romantic comedy that tells the story of a young Chinese-Canadian woman, who is approached by Chinese movie stars and offered a job as a body double. But as she spends more time posing as the beautiful starlet alongside the leading man, she realizes that she may not be able to keep up her end of the bargain without losing her heart.

The Jael Richardson Project [Working Title]

with Jael Richardson

available in 2021

Jael Richardson, author of Gutter Child (forthcoming in Jan 2021) and founder of The FOLD, examines what it means to be a person of colour in Canada. This podcast covers all the things you’re not supposed to talk about at the dinner table, but that need to be explored, unravelled and shared.

The Walrus Foundation (The Walrus Lab)

available in 2021

The Walrus Lab develops four original podcast series; all tackling the complex issues that provoke conversation and addressing matters vital to Canadians.

The Downloaded

written by Robert J. Sawyer

performer to be announced

Created by award-winning Sci-Fi author Robert J. Sawyer, this series chronicles a humanity that must rescue itself from the blissful oblivion of a digital immersive world to rescue the actual planet Earth from destruction.

How Not to F* ck Up Your Marriage Too Bad

with Stephen Marche

released in June 2020 & available now!

This irreverent podcast is a 10-part guide to modern marriage, with frank advice on how to tackle the tough questions and thorny issues faced by ordinary couples, including sex, money and even death.

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