Canadian Audible Originals is a collection of original content that combines fascinating topics and stellar storytelling with some of the country's most celebrated talent, showcasing Canadian voices across genres as varied as the narratives themselves. These Canadian Originals truly show off what it means to be from the True North. You'll hear stories about true crime, the ins and outs of business, self-development, food, the environment, race and identity, and advances in science, as well as gripping new fiction.

The locally produced content by Canadian storytellers reflects this country's varied perspectives, identities, and stories, and is an excellent addition to our existing catalogue of great Canadian audiobooks. Celebrating Canadian voices was the essential inspiration behind this first collection of Canadian-made titles. We are excited to offer them to our listeners.

Most titles will be released as Audible Original Podcasts in the Plus Catalogue, an exclusive listening benefit for members in addition to their monthly credit.
This collection of homegrown new releases is explicitly created for the audio format. It offers an immersive experience, as celebrated Canadian performers lend their familiar voices to new stories and conversations made for you.

What’s on Offer

These Audible Originals will continue to be released, with more projects to be announced and released regularly in the future.

Check Out These Must-Listen Titles

You can add these new titles to your list of favourite popular audiobooks and podcasts from Audible in no time.

Mistletoe Murders

When Emily Lane isn’t busy running her charming Christmas-themed store, "Under the Mistletoe," located in the quaint tourist town of Fletcher’s Grove, she finds herself compelled to investigate not so quaint local murders. But she is hiding a secret past from everyone in town. And when Emily begins her personal investigations, Detective-Constable Sam Wilner, a smart and attractive local cop – with a crush on Emily that is not completely unrequited – begins to wonder if there’s more to Emily than meets the eye. Played by Cobie Smulders as Emily, and Raymond Ablack as Sam, settle in for this series of two part, holiday-themed, cosy mysteries.

Sleep Sound with Noah Reid

Do you struggle to Sleep Sound? In this new sleep aid podcast, actor Noah Reid will lead you to new wintry worlds through immersive soundscapes, helping you travel on your journey to a deep sleep. Noah’s gentle narration puts you in a cosy state of relaxation as you’re enveloped in rich winter soundscapes. With stunning nature recordings and a soothing soundtrack, designed to help you drift off, this series invites you to take a deep breath, relax, and join Audible on this escape to sleep.

Sidney Crosby

NHL superstar Sidney Crosby's place on the “Mount Rushmore” of hockey is all but assured. The Halifax native's career reads like a treasure chest of hockey trophies, with multiple Stanley Cups and individual awards in there, not to mention an Olympic Gold medal-winning goal that will live on forever. Crosby was destined to be a hockey star long before he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins, yet “Sid the Kid” has somehow exceeded even those loftiest expectations.

The Audible Original, Sidney Crosby: The Rookie Year is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand what makes “Sid the Kid” tick. Hosted by Joe Manganiello, this audiobook tells the tale of Sidney Crosby's incredible career, from the first pair of skates to the NFL draft to lifting Lord Stanley with the Pittsburgh Penguins and beyond. The audio documentary also gives great insight into the personal life of one of the greatest players to ever hit the ice. Crosby is unlike any other hockey player to grace the NHL. He is on par to Wayne Gretzky who carved out his own niche as an incredible goal scorer, playmaker, captain, and icon.

An essential addition to the listening library of all sports enthusiasts, this celebration of all things Sidney Crosby will win new fans and charm longtime followers of his career alike. The inspirational story of hockey superstar Sidney Crosby may well have been the saving grace for the Pittsburgh Penguins franchise, and it is a story well worth hearing.

Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders

Fans of crime fiction and mystery with supernatural elements will love this psychological thriller with a twisty, gripping story that will have listeners guessing the whole way through. Whether you’re familiar with the Oracle sensation or are discovering the series for the first time, Oracle: The Dreamland Murders is the perfect suspenseful listen to get you hooked and falling fast into Andrew Pyper’s world. A 10-part drama, this Audible Original experience features all the same main characters listeners have grown attached to, following FBI agent Nate Russo as he tracks the latest evasive serial killer. Just as before, Russo’s exceptional investigative and psychic skills lead him on a wild chase of clues, winding their way through a heart-pounding adventure that will have listeners on the edge of their seats unable to pause.

Author Andrew Pyper lives in Toronto and has brought a wealth of Canadian talent to this popular series. His previous books such as The Demonologist, The Only Child and The Residence brought him both critical and fan raves, and the Oracle series is no different.

This audio drama is narrated by Canadian actor and Vancouver native Joshua Jackson, known for his roles in Dawson's Creek and the Hulu adaptation of Little Fires Everywhere. His voice is rich and easy to listen to, while still delivering the emotional intensity necessary for this high-stakes thriller. Packed with action and startling turns, Oracle is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys getting all up caught up in a mysterious murder with a mystical edge.