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Interprété par Vincent-Guillaume Otis

Haut les mains ! relate quelques-uns des cambriolages les plus spectaculaires commis en sol canadien. L’acteur Vincent-Guillaume Otis ( District 31, Série noire, Norbourg) reconstitue les événements, dont le captivant récit est entrelacé d’entrevues avec des policiers, des auteurs et les criminels eux-mêmes. Un paysage sonore spécialement conçu pour nous tenir en haleine contribue à nous plonger au cœur de l’action.

Hosted by Noah Reid

Do you struggle to Sleep Sound? In this new sleep aid podcast, actor Noah Reid will lead you to new wintry worlds through immersive soundscapes, helping you travel on your journey to a deep sleep. Noah’s gentle narration puts you in a cozy state of relaxation as you’re enveloped in rich winter soundscapes. With stunning nature recordings and a soothing soundtrack, designed to help you drift off, this series invites you to take a deep breath, relax, and join Audible, on this escape to sleep.

Performed by Samantha Bee, Andrew Phung, full cast

Part documentary, part improvisational comedy, Wildlife Confidential is a surreal interview show about the fictional lives of real wild animals—as portrayed by humans – in amazing wildlife stories ripped from the headlines.

Join our host (a curious crow named Cameron played by Samantha Bee) and field reporter (an earnest groundhog named Gordo played by Andrew Phung) as they go to ground to seek out the biggest animal headline-makers from across the globe, revealing the sensational stories behind the news in exclusive Wildlife Confidential interviews. The Wildlife Confidential podcast reveals the secret lives of animals invisible to humans. Combining science and silliness, history and hilarity, news and nature, every episode tells a fascinating, and unbelievable true story.

Écrit par Andrew Pyper

Interprété par Patrick Labbé, Ariane Castellanos, et Patrice Robitaille

Oracle 2: Meurtres au pays des rêves est un thriller psychologique captivant qui fait suite au livre audio Oracle d'Andrew Pyper. Dans ce suspense interprété par Patrick Labbé, Ariane Castellanos et Patrice Robitaille, l'agent du FBI Nate Russo traque un tueur en série insaisissable et découvre une ancienne malédiction. Cette fois, les dons uniques et l'instinct redoutable de Russo lui feront percer les secrets d'un village idyllique de Nouvelle-Angleterre et le mèneront à Dreamland, un parc d'attractions abandonné, construit sur les lieux d'une chose maléfique qui refuse de demeurer enterrée.

Written by Lily Chu

Performed by Phillipa Soo

Ariadne Hui thrives on routine. So what if everything in her life is planned down to the minute: That’s the way she likes it. If she’s going to make partner in Toronto’s most prestigious law firm, she needs to stay focused at all times.
But when she comes home after yet another soul-sucking day to find an unfamiliar, gorgeous man camped out in her living room, focus is the last thing on her mind.

Written by Andrew Pyper

Performed by Joshua Jackson

Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders is a gripping psychological thriller series follow-up to Andrew Pyper’s audiobook Oracle. Performed by an ensemble cast with Joshua Jackson, Devon Bostick, and Humberly Gonzalez, Pyper's high-stakes thrill ride continues the journey of FBI agent Nate Russo as he tracks an elusive serial killer and discovers an ancient curse. This time, Russo’s unique psychic gifts and killer instincts will lead him to the secrets of an idyllic New England village, and to Dreamland - the abandoned amusement park built on something evil that refuses to stay buried.

Écrit par Andrew Pyper

Interprété par Patrick Labbé

Oracle est un suspense psychologique, où l'on suit Nate Russo, un médium du FBI qui aide à résoudre des enlèvements et des homicides en touchant les proches des personnes disparues. Son don unique a toutefois un prix terrible: il voit les moments d'horreur ayant précédé la disparition des victimes. Ce polar captivant, écrit par l'auteur à succès Andrew Pyper et interprété par Patrice Labbé, combine enquêtes criminelles, éléments surnaturels et intuition.

Hosted by Joe Manganiello

Sidney Crosby is ready to tell his story in his own words. As one of the greatest NHL players of all time, he reflects on his 2005-06 rookie season with the Pittsburgh Penguins. From a Canadian phenom dubbed ''the next Gretzky'' to an 18-year-old carrying the burden of a struggling franchise, he talks candidly about the intense pressure he was under, the surreal experience of lacing up alongside his childhood idol Mario Lemieux, and the truth about his rivalry with Alex Ovechkin. Sidney Crosby, with the help of his family, coaches, and former teammates, gives listeners an all-access pass to one of the most scrutinized and tumultuous rookie seasons in the history of professional hockey. Hosted by Pittsburgh native and Penguins fan Joe Manganiello.

Avec Mathieu Baron et Paul Houde

Sidney Crosby est prêt à raconter son histoire. L'un des plus grands joueurs de la LNH de tous les temps nous ramène en 2005-2006 pour revivre sa saison recrue avec les Penguins de Pittsburgh. Le jeune prodige canadien qu’on surnommait « le prochain Gretzky » devient alors un joueur professionnel de 18 ans qui doit composer avec une équipe en difficulté. Sidney Crosby se rappelle en toute franchise l’intense pression ressentie, l'expérience surréaliste de patiner aux côtés de son idole d’enfance, Mario Lemieux, et nous donne l’heure juste quant à la rivalité qui l’oppose à Alex Ovechkin. Avec l'aide de sa famille, de ses entraîneurs et de ses anciens coéquipiers, il nous offre le récit complet de l'une des saisons recrue les plus tumultueuses et scrutées de l'histoire du hockey professionnel.
Le comédien Mathieu Baron prête sa voix à Sidney Crosby dans la version française de ce balado, animée par Paul Houde.

With Stephen Marche

This irreverent podcast is a 10-part guide to modern marriage, with frank advice on how to tackle the tough questions and thorny issues faced by ordinary couples, including sex, money, and even death.

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With Michele Romanow

Dragons' Den's Michele Romanow sits down with today's leading business innovators and entrepreneurs to reveal the inside story of the early pitfalls, landmines and almost insurmountable setbacks they encountered on their journeys to become visionaries.

With Colm Feore

Actor Colm Feore takes you on a deep dive inside the gripping, true stories of Canada's most infamous thefts, from an eighteen-million-dollar maple syrup scheme, to Canada's first great train robbery.

With Tanya Talaga

Award-winning author and journalist Tanya Talaga tells her personal story of the fight for human rights for First Nations Peoples as told through the lens of the Seven Grandfather Teachings that guide Anishinaabe life.

With Sarika Cullis-Suzuki

Join Sarika Cullis-Suzuki for an intimate tour of the wild heart of the nation. From the Tombstone Mountains of the Yukon Territory to the coastal plains of Newfoundland, each episode is alive with the buzzes, warbles, and howls of wildlife at different locations across the country.

Interprété par Laurence Lafond-Beaulne

L'animatrice Laurence Lafond-Beaulne du duo musical Milk & Bone guide les auditeurs dans un voyage audio immersif à travers les régions sauvages canadiennes; des hurlements de loups au nord du Québec à la sérénité harmonieuse des bélugas dans la baie d'Hudson.

With Yannick Bisson

With Yannick Bisson, the detective himself, this 10-part companion to the popular Murdoch Mysteries series peers into the detective's diaries, giving fans deeper insight into the character and his most notable cases.

With Meredith Erickson

Food writer and cookbook author Meredith Erickson takes listeners on a coast-to-coast culinary adventure across Canada, exploring far-flung destinations to find great food and the people who make it.

Interprété par Valérie Roberts

Le Guide pratique des saveurs canadiennes est un régal pour les oreilles, qui nous fait voyager d’un océan à l’autre, dans une aventure culinaire parcourant l’un des pays les plus divers du monde. Valérie Roberts, journaliste culturelle et ambassadrice passionnée de la cuisine d’ici, nous entraîne en français sur la trace de Meredith Erickson.

With Louisa Jewell

Positive psychology expert Louisa Jewell shares her profound and often hilarious journey with guests, inspiring change, overcoming obstacles and helping us all to live a better, more fulfilling and totally awesome life.

Written by Lily Chu

Set in Toronto, The Stand-In is an #OwnVoices romantic comedy that tells the story of a young Chinese-Canadian woman, Gracie Reed, who is approached by Chinese movie stars and offered a job as a body double. But as she spends more time posing as the beautiful starlet alongside the leading man, she realizes that she may not be able to keep up her end of the bargain without losing her heart.

Written by Andrew Pyper

Performed by Joshua Jackson

In this psychological thriller from bestselling author Andrew Pyper, a police psychic tracks an elusive serial killer, finding the missing and murdered by "reading" those close to them, an unwanted gift that comes with a terrible price.

Written by Sarah Richards

Performed by Juliette Gosselin

In this debut from an exciting new voice in fiction—a disgraced ex-police officer forms an unlikely alliance with a teenage cult member, and together they expose an opioid drug ring and bring those responsible to justice.

Écrit par Sarah Richards

Interprété par Juliette Gosselin

Dans ce premier roman de Sarah Richards, une nouvelle voix passionnante de la fiction, une ancienne policière en disgrâce forme une alliance improbable avec une adolescent membre d’une secte. Ensemble, elles lèveront le voile sur un complexe réseau de trafic de drogue.

Hosted by Jay Baruchel

On October 17, 2018, Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis for recreational use. So, how has legalization changed things? And what has the rest of the world learned from this once-in-a-generation experiment? Jay Baruchel hosts, as we take a look at the booms and busts, the winners and the losers, of this historical event in Canada.

Avec Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse

Habiter pleinement est la quête qui motive toutes les expériences de Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse dans sa vie professionnelle comme dans sa vie intime. Pour cette série balado, la comédienne et animatrice prend le temps de réfléchir à ce que veut vraiment dire le mot « habiter ». Elle ouvre les portes de sa maison et tend le micro à des personnes inspirantes (Ariane Moffatt, Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques, Boucar Diouf), qui habitent le monde autant par leur corps que par leurs idées.

With Pamela Adlon

Over the course of seven years, Vancouver nurse Cindy James reported more than 100 separate incidents of harassment in a saga that ended in her death in 1989. During those seven years, the police found no leads and made no arrests. Investigating one of the most confounding cases in recent history, Death by Unknown Event illuminates the bizarre and chilling context surrounding Cindy’s life and the inscrutable circumstances of her death.

With Catherine Hernandez

Standing on the shoulders of Canada's rich legacy of sketch comedy, Imminent Disaster brings laughter to these terrifying times. Penned by award-winning author and critically acclaimed screenwriter Catherine Hernandez, these short side-splitting scenes are fueled by the absurdity of our lives while facing the edge of existence.