Heather Grace Stewart

Heather Grace Stewart

Hey, welcome to my page! I hope you've been enjoying my humorous and quirky romantic comedy novels, screenplay books, and perhaps you've delved into my poetry as well. It's been recommended "for people who think they don't like poetry." I'm supposed to write about where I went to school (Queen's U.; then Concordia for Journalism), what I've accomplished (raised a kind kid, lived with another human for 25 years and we're still friends! published 19 times) awards I've won (A few. I still think I deserve one for surviving the cruel and bizarro 1 star reviews!) and how many books I've sold as an indie author (a little over 300K units worldwide now, not counting the translations or audiobooks!) But I think what matters most is why I write. Why even bother, when so many are tuning into Netflix or scrolling their phones more than reading these days? I write to help you escape a hard day - and putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard usually helps me do the same. I hope you'll laugh out loud when you most need a belly laugh, cry in parts where you need to let out the pain you've been holding back, and love it so much, you need to tell a friend what you read. I love interacting with my readers. You can find me over on Instagram @heathergracestewart or Facebook, inline skating, dancing with oven mitts, and chatting with other authors about the craft of writing on my IG vidcast Grace Period. Please let me know when you visit!
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