Come to My Rescue

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A Rescued Heart Publisher's Summary

Death comes in many forms…her death was a love squelched by rejection…

Kindergarten teacher Ava Williams' life is forever changed when her groom never shows up for the wedding, leaving her heartbroken. The rejection cuts deep and she dreads the unexpected life ahead, now marred by entanglements of lies and fear. Yes, she would survive- but at what cost? Would she ever let herself love again?

SWAT officer Matt Thompson lives for saving and protecting others, but can he rescue Ava from herself? For him it's love at first sight, and convincing Ava to trust him and prove to her his love is real and unending is a battle worth fighting.

While Ava begins to break free from the bondage of her past she discovers that a student's mom is suffering from her own bondage of domestic abuse. Ava's determination to help becomes complicated when she is caught up in the tragedy that begins to unfold. Can Ava help her find freedom and God before it's too late?

An irreversible decision is made that causes a backlash of chaotic events. Ava's life is in danger and Matt is determined to save her…even if it costs him his own life.

©2012 Natalie Replogle (P)2014 Natalie Replogle
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