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Jocko: The Wrath of Gravity Publisher's Summary

Houston is a convoluted hell that Andrew Davis must escape from before it consumes him. He makes his way to West Texas and encounters a man named Jocko, who has, like Andrew, escaped a dark and painful past. Andrew soon discovers that Jocko is far from ordinary as they both are unwillingly thrust into a new version of reality. Confused, angry and desperate, Andrew's sanity is assured by an unbelievable, unlikely love affair. In the process of becoming bonded to a stranger who is his exact ideal, a stunning world that is very close to home, yet completely unseen is revealed. Ultimately, Jocko and Andrew must confront horror, tragedy, and loss at the hands of a madman who is actively, methodically executing a plan to insure their demise.

©2013 Jerry D. Cooper (P)2014 Jerry D. Cooper
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