Max Irons

Max Irons

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Max Irons grew up in Nashville, TN as the lone heretic who couldn't stand country music. He has loved fantasy since the ripe old age of nine, and, after one too many encounters with a terrible novel, decided he could do better. After many false starts, burned manuscripts, and two laptops, he finally finished his first book, Traitor for Hire: Mage Code, before diving back to work at its sequel tales. In his spare time, Max guzzles coffee like it's water, walks his loyal border heeler, Phantom, and pursues another elusive dream: going to medical school. If a reader asked what books he'd recommend (besides his own), Max has a very long list: Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles, the Deryni novels by Katherine Kurtz, anything by Jim Butcher or Patrick W. Carr, Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series, R.W. Peake's Marching with Caesar novels, and J.R.R. Tolkien's books, just to name a few.
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