Nick Vleisides

Nick Vleisides

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If he's heard it once, he's heard it a hundred times, "Well, uh, we used to go to church." As a first responder chaplain on scenes of a tragic sudden loss Chaplain Vleisides will ask family members, "Do you have a faith?" Ninety percent of the time he hears the same thing: "We used to go to church" or some version of that response, "We are spiritual but not religious," "We have a faith, we believe in God, but we don't attend church." Nick's journey of faith has taken him down the road of questioning his faith, the role of organized religion and the struggles of doubt...even unbelief. God is more mystery than revelation and that's the way it is! Nick continues to meet people where they are at in the midst of heartache and grief, not trying to answer the unanswerable God questions. Just because you give up on church doesn't mean you give up on God.
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