Feel the tension, suspense and gripping anticipation of these high-energy suspense and thriller audiobooks. From true Canadian crime books to mystery, fiction to memoir, each new book is full of excitement, anticipation and riveting plot twists. These audiobooks also cover a wide range of landscapes, from the wilderness of northern Canada to Quebec City and small towns in rural Ontario. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most heart-racing, can’t-stop-listening, must-know-what-happens audiobook thrillers by Canadian thriller authors. From mystery series to harrowing true story retellings, there is something for every suspense fan to enjoy, and each title will make you proud to support Canadian fiction. These riveting thrillers are must-adds to your listener’s library.

Don't Look Down

Everything seems to be going perfectly for entrepreneur Jo Greaver until her past threatens to unravel it all. This tale of blackmail, crime, murder and of course, mystery, is a dark and twisting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t Look Down is the second book in the Shadows of New York series, which includes One Small Sacrifice. Toronto-born writer Hilary Davidson writes this crime series with a gripping urgency that is impossible to let go of. The story will grab you and have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The audiobook adaptation is narrated by Carly Robins, Will Damron, Scott Merriman and Shari Peele, who together form an impressive cast of voices, each bringing the many complex and engaging characters to life in a way that makes them all relatable, and the story more engrossing. Between the full-cast narration and the thrilling plot, you won’t be able to pause Don’t Look Down.

The Wolfpack

Launch headfirst into this wild and intense true crime story of cartels and drug lords in Canada. Though the north paradise may seem like a safe haven from such criminal terrors as mafias and drug cartels, investigators Peter Edwards and Luis Najera uncover why what may have seemed to the general public to be a series of unrelated incidents were really all part of a bigger picture of young junior gang members vying for a place in a much larger circle.

This audiobook telling of the crimes of the 2010s is as seemingly unbelievable as it is engaging. From Mexico to Vancouver, Toronto to Montreal, brutal deaths and violence began to connect the dots on a much bigger picture of a crime syndicate that had made its way north and was making its mark across the Canadian underworld unchecked.

True North Heists

True North Heists is an episode-based show about true Canadian criminal capers and astounding crime stories. Each episode looks at a different crime, so you can listen to all of the Canadian thriller stories in a row, or pick and choose as you like. The stories are curated by Andrew Kaufman, who compiled testimonies, stories and interviews from police, investigators, family members and even the criminals themselves to deliver truly astounding tales of crime.

The series is narrated by Colm Feore who adds just the right amount of drama to the already astounding heist and caper stories. His readings are dynamic, informative and just a little humorous as he tells these incredible—and often bizarre—obscure historical crime stories you likely didn’t even know existed. A truly interesting and engaging listen.

City of the Lost

Kelley Armstrong burst onto the Canadian crime thriller scene with City of the Lost. This dark and twisted thrilling adventure takes crime fiction to a new level, as it propels homicide detective— and murderer—Casey Duncan and her best friend Dian into a strange remote town in the wilderness of Canada. What initially seems like a safe haven quickly becomes something much more sinister, as dark secrets seem to linger just below the surface.

From the best-selling author of fantasy to her first book in the crime genre, Armstrong doesn’t hold back and creates a fast-paced story full of mystery and uncertainty. Follow along on this intense story that weaves Canadian mystery with romance for an all-encompassing exciting mystery novel. Lovers of this first title can continue the series in A Darkness Absolute.

Still Life

Dive into the world of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, with the first novel in the series by Louise Penny. These crime novels are set in rural small-town Quebec, where next-door neighbours are best friends, everyone is welcoming, and crime doesn’t exist. Or at least, it didn’t until now. Inspector Gamache enters a quaint and idyllic town and quickly learns that there is so much more under the surface.

Dark and thrilling, this riveting story is an exciting listen that is full of surprises. Its references and location in small-town Canada add charm and personality, and this series is a triumphant addition to the Canadian thriller genre. Adam Sims brings this story to life, narrating the audiobook version. Listeners can continue the series with book two, A Fatal Grace.

Find You in the Dark

This chilling psychological thriller by Nathan Ripley is a masterful display of mystery and suspense. Find You In the Dark is a gripping, heart racing debut novel that has all the hallmarks of an excellent crime drama. It follows a seemingly good Samaritan who is studying the files of serial killers in order to find the missing bodies of victims. But there is something disquieting about his obsession with these deaths and crimes, and not only does he catch the attention of a detective, but someone darkly connected to the murders is unhappy about his work, too.

Sinister, gripping, and a truly unnerving listen, this story is not for the faint of heart, but perfect for crime novel fans looking for the next exciting and dark tale. Corey Brill narrates, adding the right amount of suspense and tension to the story.

The Retreat

Canadian author Elisabeth de Mariaffi presents a classic trope of the suspense, mystery, and horror world: entrapment in a remote cabin. The plot device is a classic for a reason, and she creates a suspenseful and dark story full of fear and paranoia that will keep listeners gripped and looking over their shoulders. What starts as simply being snowed in becomes a fear-based tale about unexplained deaths, growing anxiety and a feeling of helplessness that is palpable.

Experienced audiobook narrator Erin Moon, also Canadian, does an expert job reading this title. She adds tension and pauses all in the right places to build the story and heighten the anticipation. Fans of classic suspense tales and twist-endings will get swept up in The Retreat.

The Lost Ones

The Lost Ones is a masterful piece of mystery written by Caribbean-born Canadian author Sheena Kamal. This debut novel is a riveting psychological thriller with a complex and deep main character that has all the substance and strength to carry the dramatic storyline. Engaging, intriguing and inventive, this is a mystery that has weight. Follow the adventure through the twisting Canadian landscape, from Vancouver to the wilds, with a storyline that shifts and twists just as much.

Bahni Turpin is a seasoned professional who narrates this story expertly. Engaging, dramatic and full of character, she brings the story to life and elevates the narrative to a new level. Turpin is an award-winning narrator, and has lent her voice to countless audiobooks and Audible audio performances. Listeners will love her reading of this dramatic story, a must-add to the listener library of any suspense and thriller lover.

The Party

The Party is a coming-of-age tale turned dark. Think sweet sixteen turns thriller, this story peels back the seeming perfection of a San Francisco upper-middle-class family, and starts to reveal some dark and dangerous truths. Robyn Harding is known for her previous humorous novels. In this latest novel, she adds darkness to her signature humour and takes her story in a thrilling suspenseful direction.

The story is filled with unlikeable characters, twisting turns, and a snow-balling range of horrors that makes it a thoroughly entertaining listen. Get caught up in the terrible (and maybe even terrifying) world behind the white picket fence, and find a gripping tale right to the end. Cassandra Campbell provides excellent narration, portraying each of the less-than-appealing characters in a way that still makes you love and be intrigued by the story. The Party is the perfect balance of satire and suspense.

Run, Hide, Repeat

Pauline Daikan’s Run, Hide, Repeat is an amazing alternative to a thriller for fans of the genre. This audiobook is actually a memoir, but has all the makings of a great suspense novel, as Daikan recounts and looks back on her life on the run. As a child, she was often moved, uprooted, or associated with crime and violence, and as far as she was told this was because her family was on the run from the mafia. But over the years, this story began to add up less and less, and Daikan eventually uncovers the truth—and it is far stranger than her wild fantasies.

Run, Hide, Repeat has won countless awards, including British Columbia's National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction, and won over both critics and listeners as an intriguing and fascinating story. Daikin narrates the story herself, adding a level of personal flair and meaning to such an intimate memoir.

Sister of Mine

The bond between sisters has strength like nothing else, and this is certainly true for the main characters Penny and Hattie of Sister of Mine. Both are connected to the other and fiercely protective; they will keep any secret...until, just maybe, the secrets have gone too far. Marking the fiction debut of Laurie Petrou, a teacher in Toronto, this gripping work of suspense was ranked among The Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Books of 2018.

Not your average book club pick, Sister of Mine is full of deep secrets, betrayal and the testing of bonds. How far will Penny and Hattie go to protect each other? How dark are the deeds? Andi Arndt narrates this audiobook adaptation with a steady cadence and soft style that enhances both the tenderness of familial bonds and the unspoken, sinister secrets that are so wrapped up in Sister of Mine.

Still Water

Get swept up in Still Water, a fast-paced, heart-racing suspense story about a mysterious small town, and an investigator who may find more than they bargained for. Canadian-born author Amy Stuart delivers a tale that twists and turns with every new chapter, taking the listener on an epic journey of mystery and discovery.

Madeleine Maby voices this story with crisp clarity that helps to build the suspense and heighten the tension. Both direct and mysterious, her reading style is ideal for this genre and subject matter. Take a deep dive into Still Water, a must-listen for any suspense fan.

The Whisky King

What could be more Canadian than whisky and mounties? Trevor Cole’s The Whisky King looks at the true story of the most infamous bootlegger in Canada—and the law enforcement officer determined to track him down. Part biography, part true crime, this thrilling book is full of action, drinking, gambling and all sorts of illegal activity. Rocco Perri was an Italian Canadian who was responsible for one of the biggest bootleg networks during the time of prohibition, and he seemed untouchable—even the media loved him. Frank Zaneth was the man out to catch him and finally pin his notorious crimes to his name.

Richard Davidson narrates this Audible exclusive audiobook experience that is as informative as it is gripping. Each new caper, crime and twist adds to the notoriety of Perri, a fascinating and dangerous thug, and underscores the determination of Zaneth.

Woman on the Edge

Samantha M. Bailey’s debut novel is a heart-racing, high-energy thriller that will take your breath away and leave you on the edge of your seat. Bailey skillfully layers the right amounts of suspense, mystery and high tension moments, topped off by a desperate woman trying to unravel it all. Her first novel is a triumphant leap into the thriller genre and makes for an intense and gripping listen.

Katherine Fenton narrates this high-stakes thriller, adding her own voice to a myriad of tense moments and guilty feelings, which she portrays with conviction. Woman on the Edge is a binge-worthy audiobook that is almost impossible to pause. Get caught up in this immersive story and see if you can figure out what will happen in the end.

Find You First

Linwood Barclay is an acclaimed New York Times best-selling Canadian author. In Find You First, he delivers another riveting story that will grab listeners right from the first few words and keep them on a thrilling ride the whole way through. The novel centers around a billionaire who is racing against time, which gives the audiobook a heightened, tense feel right off the bat. Barclay plays this up well, creating a sense of uncertainty, mystery and, of course, suspense with ease.

Listeners will be caught up in the turning plot and the race against the clock alongside the characters. George Newbern expertly narrates and carries the weight and tone of the story perfectly. He reads with clarity and precision, but also adds all the right drama and stress where needed.


Oracle is a psychological thriller masterpiece by Canadian author Andrew Pyper. Pyper builds a tense, dark and gripping tale that will keep listeners guessing, and often shaking their heads in amazement and consternation. He also begins to bend the genre of crime thriller as he dips into the fantastic, pulling on supernatural elements and mysterious powers and spirits.

This audiobook is narrated by award-winning actor and voice artist Joshua Jackson, who is also Canadian. Jackson brings an authenticity but also a dramatic flair to the reading. He knows exactly how and when to build tension, and when to offer just enough relief so that the listener is fully hooked. A powerful audiobook experience, Oracle cannot be missed.

Check out his new release *Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders* too.

The Last Resort

The Last Resort is an emotional and heightened mystery novel that dives into the relationships and connections between couples who become trapped at a couples therapy retreat. What seems to be a wholesome and healing experience starts to feel a bit more uneasy as secrets, hardships and a looming sense of dread are uncovered.

Emotion-fuelled and suspenseful, Marissa Stapley creates a thriller that is more of a slow burn, as therapy sessions turn from helpful conversations to clouded, veiled secrets, and a whole world of uncertainty and darkness starts to creep in. Caroline Slaughter narrates this audiobook adaptation, with the same slow building tone that adds an ominous feel which compliments the dark story perfectly. The story is one that slowly sinks into a sense of foreboding as secrets are hinted at and loyalties become stretched. Stapley creates an unpausable tale that is both alarming and subtle, perfectly balancing all the aspects of character to a plot to create a perfectly tense mystery story.

Sleeping Giants

In her astounding debut novel Sleeping Giants, Canadian author Sylvain Neuvel deftly mixes aspects of thrillers with political drama, science fiction and apocalyptic fiction for a story that is as inventive as it is immersive. An entire world of mystery and power is created, that is full of questions, and a search for the truth. Neuvel builds this tension and uncertainty in such a way that listeners can’t help but become invested. We want to know what happened to Rose, what the mysterious hand is and what its presence on Earth could mean for humanity.

Intriguing, exciting, and expertly written, Sleeping Giants is a must-listen experience. It is narrated by a full cast of voice actors, adding depth and realness to the story. Listeners will sink right into this new world and immediately feel a part of the story.