Stan Lee's Alliances: A Trick of Light

Stan Lee is undeniably a master within the comic book world. Having penned countless storylines and created some of the most iconic characters, his work is unmatched. Alliances is one of his final collaborations before his passing, and the story does not disappoint.

This modern tale encompasses all the aspects that make Lee’s work, and comic books in general, so exciting. He paints a world full of imagination and wonder which still draws on the comic classics of a superhero origin story. It is dynamic, exciting, and will have listeners hooked in no time. Alliances is the perfect of-the-times superhero tale that blends all the tropes of the genre with a modern-day world full of new technologies and trends.

The narrator, Yara Shahidi, brings the story to life with all the right nuances, tone and mystery that is needed to build the suspense. Shahidi delivers this mysterious and intriguing story expertly, helping to build tension and mystery in all the right places.

Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours

No list of comic-related audiobooks would be complete without your friendly neighbourhood hero. The tales of Spider-Man, one of the most famous superheroes of all time, are an absolute must-listen. The Darkest Hour centers around an older, more established Spider-Man who finds his world finally at peace. But this calm is merely a brief break before a storm of dark and menacing threats threatens everything he holds dear.

Spider-Man: The Darkest Hour is perfect for any comic fan, as it blends excellent storytelling with classic Spider-Man villains, and nods to the classic stories and villains that built this character. Now older, married, and more settled in life, this Spider-Man is no longer the goofy teen many are used to, yet the story maintains the character’s integrity while evolving him into something more.

Jack Meloche narrates this audiobook with a distinct and energetic tone. His voice is both engaging, but affectionately nerdy, pulling together all the best aspects of a comic, to deliver an all-around spot-on performance. Listeners will get swept away in a world of captivating characters that they have grown to love, while taking on these new and dynamic challenges alongside their favourite superhero.

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted

Any list of the best titles for comic book lovers has to include something from the X-Men universe. This comic book staple has experienced countless iterations and versions, with a variety of intriguing plots and storylines. Astonishing X-Men: Gifted goes back to the roots of the characters that once drove this series, focusing on classic characters Cyclops and Emma Frost.

As the two characters look to re-establish the X-Men, riots and turmoil grow all around them. Those seeking a mutant gene cure grow more and more vocal, just as these two characters look to rebuild the team. The Gifted chapter of this beloved audiobook saga is topical and well timed in a world that has seen an increase in civil unrest. Listeners will be able to relate to the growing social turmoil, while still escaping into a fantastic world of heroes, villains and magical powers.

This title is a must-listen for any audiobook fanatic that loves the comic and fantasy genres. Both exciting and dynamic, yet steeped in political commentary, Gifted is a mixture of all the traits that make a classic comic so strong. This full-cast narration creates an immersive experience that will grip listeners and carry them away into a whole new world.

Marvel's Black Widow: Forever Red

Black Widow is a character that has grown all the more popular through the emergence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the outrageously popular Avengers series. Audiobook listeners and comic book fans are craving more of this unconventional but much-loved superhero, who is known for her distinct humanness.

Black Widow doesn't have superpowers, or mystical abilities, but is a true ‘human hero’ that is especially inspiring to comic lovers for her symbolic status as a redemptive character. Once an assassin with a dark and brutal past, her story arc as a superhero provides a hopeful story for anyone wanting to believe they can change for the better. In Forever Red, Black Widow is confronted with memories of her past when the evil institution that trained and formed her is rumoured to have emerged again.

Fans of Marvel will not be disappointed with this exciting and revealing tale that takes listeners into the often-untold side of Black Widow’s past. From confronting her fears and trainers to teaming up with former allies and familial connections, Forever Red is the captivating Black Widow audiobook that comic lovers didn’t know they needed.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man is too much of a classic character to only be included once in this list. His hopeful and optimistic nature is what makes him such a beloved character in the world of comic books. Into the Spider-Verse embodies this hope and passion in a way that no other Spider-Man reboot story has before, as the world is opened up to the possibility of anyone taking on the mask and the mantle of this classic hero, not just the traditional character of Peter Parker.

This audiobook grips its audience in a deeply personal way, as listeners are able to imagine themselves as Spider-Man, moving away from uplifting a single hero, and having audiences look at the hero in all of us. At once exciting, and dynamic, this empowering tale is a comic lover's dream.

Cary Hite narrates this exciting tale that pulls together all the aspects of the much-loved Spider-Verse in a new and intriguing way. Whether as a companion to the award-winning film of the same name, or a stand-alone listen, Into the Spider-Verse is an essential audiobook for any fans of the genre.

Marvel Comics

If you love comics, you will love this audiobook. Marvel Comics explores the behind-the-scenes world of writing for, creating, and living the Marvel life. From untold stories from the Marvel vault to anecdotes and its importance in pop culture, this deep dive into the Marvel Universe is a must-listen for any comic fan.

Sean Howe opens up about the personalities that formed these ‘geeky’ comic ideas and characters that came to shape a generation, and even further, to live on in a phenomenon that truly swept the world. From the creation of classic hero characters like Captain America, Hulk or Wolverine, to tales of what it means to formulate the Marvel universe, Howe opens a window into a magical and powerful world so beloved by fans and listeners around the world.

Stephen Hoye narrates this intriguing title that combines more than 100 interviews with writers, creators, and founding members of the Marvel Universe such as Martin Goodman, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby as they share short stories and anecdotes. Comic nerds and fantasy geeks will be thrilled with the sheer depth of the content available in this tell-all audiobook that introduces listeners to a whole new world of the characters and stories that have formed them.

The Sandman

No list of the best comic-related titles would be complete without the Sandman, a true masterpiece of an audiobook. Sandman is an absolute must-listen audiobook title that will blow listeners away with its deep and engrossing storyline. Neil Gaiman creates a full and outrageously imaginative world where magical and mystical characters come to life in a big way.

Gaiman expertly creates this all-encompassing world that is at once political and mystical, distinctly human, and undeniably out of this world. He blends human realities with mythical characters with ease, for a powerful and dynamic experience you have to hear for yourself.

Not only are the storyline and the characters phenomenal, but Sandman is made all the more powerful by the stunningly talented full cast narration. From James McAvoy to Andy Serkis, and Neil Gaiman himself, this all-star cast deliver a truly engrossing performance that will sweep any listener away into a complete world of magic and wonder.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Wonder Woman is another one of those classic superhero characters that can’t be missed off this list. Additionally, the Wonder Woman character has seen a distinct resurgence in recent years due to the boom in popularity of hit blockbuster movies featuring the powerful, just, and pure hero that fans have come to know and love as one of the most iconic comic book characters in history. The audiobook Wonder Woman: Warbringer follows that same trend, for a dynamic listen that comic fans will love.

Leigh Bardugo embodies the feminist power that drives Wonder Woman as a character, and takes this tale to a whole new level of power and purpose. She expertly handles this well-known character, infusing new life while staying true to the core of who the character is as a hero and a woman.

Fans of comics, of Bardugo, or of good literature in general will be blown away by this rich and exciting tale of the classic hero that has become such a symbol for female strength and power. An absolute must-listen for fans of any gender looking for a strong and resilient character.

Superman: Dawnbreaker

Is there a more well-known character in the world of superheroes and comics than Superman? The classic, staple and symbolic character is the heart of the comic world. No comic fan can pass up the opportunity to get lost in another tale from one of the most loved characters. Dawnbreaker is the perfect title for those who love everything Superman, or those just dipping their toes into the comic world.

The story follows Clark Kent as he begins to uncover potential dark secrets in his hometown of Smallville. The further he digs, the more ominous things feel, and the past threatens to unravel his quiet home life. Dynamic, exciting and full of classic hero flavour, Matt de la Peña’s Dawnbreaker is perfect for lovers of comics both new and old.

A must-listen for any comic fan, this superman tale is at once classically Superman, and decidedly new. It mixes traditional takes on the genre with a new story that will satisfy new and old fans alike, for an excellent, immersive, and exciting experience.

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

With the popularity of the classic strong woman character, we couldn’t have just one Wonder Woman title on this list. This title takes a different look at the classic woman hero, approaching the story from a new direction: high school. Part of the DC Superhero Girls series, Wonder Woman at Super Hero High brings the world of comics to a new generation of young female listeners.

This audiobook is written distinctly for a younger audience. While it channels the characteristics of Wonder Woman fans of the character have come to know and love, this audiobook spins the story for young readers in a fun, humourous and decidedly teen way.

Young listeners will be engaged and empowered by this tale of a strong female role model, yet be able to relate on a much more personal level as she is removed from the world of wars and politics and plunked down into the dramas and ups and downs of a superhero high school.

Red Rising: Sons Of Ares Volume 1 [Dramatized Adaptation]

Another great young adult audiobook for comic fans is Red Rising. This title is a futuristic tale of forbidden love. This comic book meets Romeo and Juliet’s story and hits all the right notes for an impressive YA novel. Exciting, mystical, dynamic, and otherworldly, Red Rising also tackled issues of love, loss and hardship that are so important in a YA story.

Pierce Brown and Rick Hoskin penned this first title in the Sons of Ares series, creating a deep and full world for listeners to fall right into. Blending romance and adventure effortlessly, this audiobook ticks all the boxes.

This audiobook is also narrated by a full cast, for an even more engrossing and encompassing experience. Listeners will be swept away into an exciting and dangerous world that they won’t be able to pause.

White Sand: Volume One [Dramatized Adaptation]

Another full-cast audiobook perfect for comic lovers is White Sand. This is the first volume in a series which opens listeners up to a world of science fiction and fantasy excitement. Brandon Sanderson opens listeners to a new universe of intergalactic power and magic, with Sand Masters who can manipulate sand in amazing and exciting ways.

White Sand features all the traits fans want in a comic-related novel. From powerful abilities to triumph and adversity, this story builds a strong world in which the story is laid out, pulling in the listener with excitement and intrigue.

The full cast of voices brings the story to life for an all-around audiobook performance you have to experience for yourself. A huge cast offers dynamic personalities, variety, and depth. Each character is taken on by a different reader for a fully immersive and impressive experience few audiobooks can capture.


Science Fiction takes on a whole new meaning in this series by Annie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This title mixes romance and drama with planetary invasion and domination for an exciting and deep story that hits all the right marks. This is a truly all-encompassing tale that will wrap the listener up in its world and sweep them away into a new galaxy.

Illuminae is a distinctly unique story. Not only does it create a dynamic storyline and plot, but the narrative in style is unlike anything else, as the audiobook delivers the story through a variety of media: emails, documents, maps and an amalgamation of texts.

A full cast of voices brings this story to life, doing justice to the creative style and unique world created here. The voices come together in a medley of stories, both interrupted and halting, and yet together weaving a tapestry of this new and amazing world of Illuminae.

The Boys: Volume 1 [Dramatized Adaptation]

The Boys is a must-listen for any fan of superhero comic books or the superhero world in general. This story is a hard-hitting, no-fluff take on superheroes, that is not all heroism and honour. This gritty, raw story has become a hit TV show, and now in audiobook form, is taking listeners by storm.

The Boys is darkly funny and dramatic, pulling on traditional elements of the comic world while giving the genre a much-needed lift and new spin. As you follow characters on their crusade against would-be-heroes turned bad, The Boys will win you over.

This title is also impressive for its full cast of voices that delivers not only an audiobook but a full audio performance. Listeners will easily become immersed in this world, and the varying voices add a depth to each character that enlivens the plot and offers a richer experience to the listeners. High-paced, action-filled and fun, this is a must-listen title.

Dracula [Audible Edition]

It may not be based in the traditional comic book world, but Dracula has all the makings of a classic comic villain. Dark, mysterious, a mix of evil and tragic misunderstanding, Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the ultimate villain. For this reason, we’ve added the classic novel to our list of titles for comic fans.

This dark and twisted story has truly stood the test of time, undergoing various adaptations and revamps, but always staying true to the heart of the story. It is a must-listen for any fan of sci-fi, fantasy, or horror.

This edition also features a wonderful cast of narrators that bring the beloved title to life in a new and exciting way. The various voice actors allow for an immersive experience that helps the listener truly feel the suspense, tension, doom and fear of this classic tale of horror.

New Kid

In this title, Jerry Kraft brightens the comic world from a child’s perspective. The story follows a seventh grade boy from New York whose biggest love is drawing comics and cartoons. New Kid is exceptionally relatable, as it depicts a young character trying to navigate his way in a new world where he doesn’t quite belong. It is a universal story that will reach the heart and worries of young listeners, and help them navigate similar situations in their own life.

The cartoon-loving character is also deeply relatable to lovers of this comic genre. Many can relate to loving drawing, or feeling as though their more ‘nerdy’ side is something they have to hide, or push aside in favour of more serious things. Main character Jordan Banks struggles with these same issues, making it an excellent title for young readers who feel a little different.

This audiobook is narrated by a cast of voices, adding a real and dynamic edge to the powerful story. Characters are expressed with ease, in relatable, warm voices that draw listeners into the story, and don’t let go. This classic American tale connects with young audiences that know what it's like to struggle to find their place in the world.

Black Panther

Another great title for young listeners is Black Panther: The Young Prince. This title follows a young T’Challa at 12 years old, as he is uprooted from his family and his strong African nation in order to enroll at South Side Middle School in the heart of Chicago. Like New Kid, this story navigates a young person’s journey as they try to find their place in a new and daunting world.

This listen is well-suited to children and young adult audiences familiar with the Black Panther character, or the superhero world in general. The well-known comic character has become one of the most beloved symbols of hope, power and black identity to young people all over the world. In this audiobook, listeners can connect with their favourite character in a new and exciting way.

By using this platform and this character, creator Ronald L. Smith is able to address the issues that most children at similar ages face, under the umbrella of action-packed comic-level excitement and strength. Young listeners can learn from and be inspired by their favourite king-to-be.

Good Talk

Good Talk is another title that tackles some of life’s hard issues. From politics to race and identity, this audiobook explores everything from the questioning of a curious young child, to the hard-hitting deep questions that rock our society as a whole.

Mira Jacobs expertly navigates delicate questions without shying away from the hard truths. Humour and vulnerability help deliver the tougher topics, and follow this memoir with an openness that is refreshing and challenging all at once.

A full cast including creator Jacobs brings to life the conversations that shaped her, and her view of the world, with warmth and grace, as well as a sharp edge of truth that permeates the entire audiobook. Real, heartfelt, and hard hitting, Good Talk is a dynamic listen.


Bakemonogatari is an impressive tale of dark magic and mystery which dives deep into aspects of humanity in a real and raw way. In classic manga style, this title blends supernatural elements and fairytale-like aspects with deeply human storylines for a powerful and engaging tale that will draw listeners in. Book 1 of this series is just the beginning of a new world of wonder, mystery and deceit.

This is a young adult title that is set in a school, with students as its characters. It mixes aspects of teen and preteen life with the wider storyline of a dark and malicious character that everyone thinks is a princess - but who may actually be the opposite. This story features the beloved characters of the manga series Kizumonogatari, and brings them to life again in this wondrous tale.

Eric Kimerer, Cristina Vee, Erica Mendez, Keith Silverstein lend their voices to the narration of this audiobook, filling out the characters’ voices. The variety of voices make each character stand out, for any easy listening experience that allows the listener to be immersed in the story instantly.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

Lovers of comics, and the graphic novel world will fall in love with The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. This title dives into the golden age of comics, following two cousins that become immersed in creating their own comic even as the threat of a World War and Nazi reign looms over the world.

Michael Chabon expertly captures the hope and excitement of two characters on the cusp of greatness, pulling on that love of comic books with a warmth and intensity understood by any lover of the genre. He also weaves political and societal turmoil into the narrative comfortably, building a strong foundation and rich storyline. Similarly, narrator David Colacci adds a steady, deep tone that fits the time period and style well.

From love interests to war threats, dreams and ambitions, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is a new take on a classic genre that truly is a must-listen experience for any comic fan or aspiring artist.

Batman and Psychology

This list would be incomplete without the mention of Batman. One of the founding heroes of the comic world - especially the DC universe - Batman is nothing short of iconic. Batman’s dark and brooding persona is intriguing and mysterious in its own right, pulling in audiences with his conflicted inner turmoils and traumas. Experienced narrator Paul Bellantoni handles this much-loved character with the style and importance it deserves.

Listeners love Bruce Wayne for his flaws. He is at once the rich has-everything billionaire of Gotham we all want to be, but he is also deeply troubled. Add to that his superhero persona that is based solely on skills, strength and gadgets - rather than superpowers - and the character becomes all the more lovable.

Batman and Psychology dives deep into the why of why we as listeners and audiences love Batman so much. What makes him so compelling, and able to stand the test of time? Why do we sympathize with him? Batman and Psychology by Travis Langley seeks to uncover these bigger questions of why audiences connect so strongly with the Dark Knight.

The Secret History of Wonder Woman

Like the title above, The Secret History of Wonder Woman goes beyond the comic and looks to uncover the story behind the character. What is the history of the woman we love so much? Who was she modelled after? Why do we connect with her so much as an audience?

This audiobook by Jill Lepore dives headfirst into these questions in an attempt to uncover the history of Wonder Woman. Lepore is a credited historian and journalist, so her take on this is structured and methodical. She takes a historian’s approach to breaking down what makes Wonder Woman so wonderful, why it's one of the best comics of all time, and why audiences have followed her throughout generations.

Lepore narrates her own findings for an interesting and engaging listen that will take you on a journey of discovery, through the history and passion behind one of the most beloved DC comic characters of all time.