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  • Not everyone makes the news. But behind every growth-driving experience, product, and transformation are experts who shaped the outcome.

    Behind the Growth is a podcast for digital leaders and those aspiring to become one.

    Each episode celebrates remarkable individuals, and our candid conversations focus on their struggles, wins, and lessons learned you won’t find anywhere else.

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  • Hasan Jafri on Enterprise Architecture and Engineering Excellence
    May 9 2024

    In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Mudassar Malik chats with Hasan Jafri, VP Engineering, Digital Business Solutions at TELUS. As they explore Hasan's extensive background, starting from his early days in Northern Virginia to influential roles in various major corporations, Hasan talks about his time at companies like IBM and Citibank, focusing on his experiences in handling large-scale operations and cloud-based initiatives.

    Detailing his transition to TELUS and their strategic shift to a more integrated, API-driven approach, Hasan emphasizes the importance of enterprise architecture and engineering excellence in driving successful digital transformations. He also elaborates on innovative strategies like product-oriented architecture, stream-aligned teams, and the integration of AI and DevOps tools to boost both customer excellence as well as operational efficiency across business units.

    As the conversation progresses, Hassan discusses the current state of digital transformation in Canada and the priority shifts that come with it, including a wider adoption of remote work, increase in e-commerce trends, and more focus on data privacy and security. Finally, he emphasizes the critical need for continuous learning and adaptation in the tech sector to meet changing business demands and stay competitive amidst emerging digital advancements.

    Key Highlights:
    - Enterprise architecture should focus on execution
    - E-commerce growth necessitates digital adaptation
    - Remote work increases the need for collaboration tools
    - Successful digital transformations require top-down support
    - Learn prompt engineering to integrate and adapt to GenAI

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    30 mins
  • Sabih Ahmed on Mastering Conversational AI for Business
    May 2 2024

    In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Imran Mian welcomes Sabih Ahmed from Scotiabank, who shares his decade-long experience in deploying conversational AI. Sabih emphasizes the importance of aligning conversational AI applications with customer needs over mere cost-cutting. He explains how these technologies should focus on high-volume, low-complexity tasks to optimize operational efficiency.

    Sabih also discusses the critical steps involved in developing conversational AI from identifying suitable use cases to securing executive buy-in. He stresses the need for clear business objectives and robust testing to avoid potential pitfalls, using real-world examples to illustrate common challenges and solutions.

    As the conversation progresses, he covers the future of conversational AI, touching on the integration of generative AI and its potential to expand service capacities without replacing human jobs. Finally, Sabih emphasizes the importance of an AI-first organizational culture that views AI as an enhancement rather than a replacement of human capabilities.

    Key Highlights:
    - Prioritize customer value over business cost savings
    - Target repetitive, simple tasks with conversational AI
    - Focus on conversational design for AI effectiveness
    - Implement continuous learning for conversational AI improvement
    - Define precise KPIs to measure AI performance

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    37 mins
  • Mike Hamilton on Shaping the Next Wave of Healthcare
    Apr 18 2024

    In this episode of Behind the Growth, Mike Hamilton, President of GE HealthCare Canada, explores the critical role of AI and digital transformation in the healthcare sector. He discusses GE HealthCare's innovative solutions, including AI-powered technology like True Fidelity in CT scanning, which revolutionizes cardiac care by providing clinicians with detailed real-time heart images. This technological leap enhances image clarity, leading to more accurate diagnoses and better patient outcomes.

    As the conversation continues, Mike elaborates on the broader implications of digital transformation in healthcare, pointing out its challenges and opportunities. He discusses the Canadian healthcare system's progress in digitizing health records and adopting telemedicine, propelled significantly by the pandemic's demands. Despite these advances, Mike highlights obstacles such as reliance on legacy systems, regulatory complexities, and cybersecurity concerns.

    Looking to the future, Mike envisions a healthcare system in which AI models support clinical decision-making and predict patient health outcomes years in advance. This anticipatory approach could improve patient care, making it more proactive and personalized.

    He also advocates for collaboration between technology providers and healthcare professionals to maximize the benefits of digital solutions, emphasizing the necessity of training and education to utilize AI tools effectively.

    Key Highlights:
    - "True Fidelity" AI revolutionizes cardiac care with precise, real-time imagery
    - AI in Canadian healthcare improves radiology workflows and diagnostic accuracy
    - Challenges to digital healthcare include legacy systems and regulatory issues
    - Public opinion favors AI enhancements in healthcare imaging
    - AI's predictive capabilities are set to transform proactive patient care

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    29 mins

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