Epic Zero Series

6 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 9 ratings

Epic Zero Publisher's Summary

**Readers' Favorite Book Awards Gold Medal Winner**

All Elliott Harkness wants is to be a superhero. His parents are superheroes. His older sister is a superhero. Heck, even his dog is a superhero. But Elliott has a problem—he’s a “Zero”—which is super-speak for powerless! So, while his family is off fighting crime as part of the Freedom Force, the world’s greatest superhero team, Elliott is left muddling through middle school.

Elliott feels ever-so-ordinary, until a mysterious girl changes everything. For some reason, she believes Elliott is the only one who can capture a mega-powerful, extraterrestrial orb before it falls into the wrong hands. With menacing supervillains and globe-conquering aliens closing in fast, he may not survive his first mission. But with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, will Elliott find the power to be the epic hero he’s always wanted to be—or will he always be just an Epic Zero?

Epic Zero is the first audiobook in a hilarious, action-packed series with heart that will entertain middle grade students, reluctant readers, and adults.

©2015 R.L. Ullman (P)2016 R.L. Ullman
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