Atlas Kane

Atlas Kane

Atlas Kane is a retired Dragon Rider with recurring pain in his L4/L5 joints. Carrying a zweihander while fighting in the king’s war took a toll on his constitution, so he turned to the less glamorous occupation of Court Scribe. He now lives with his wives and a platoon of kids, recalling old battles and bygone glory. - Follow my FB page at: @atlasharem My Books: Towers of Acalia 1-3 - Isekai LitRPG Light Novel Who Let a Demon Lord into the Mage Tower 1 - Epic Fantasy Light Novel Savage Ascension 1-2 - Cultivation Progression Fantasy Chimera King 1-3 - Isekai LitRPG Wyvern Academy: Path of Ascension 1-5 - Battle Academy Light Novel Upcoming Projects: How I became a Glass Cannon Hero - LitRPG Light Novel - July 21 Savage Ascension 3 - July 21 Towers of Acalia 4 - August 21
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