Bart Kemper

Bart Kemper

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Professionally, he designs submarines, spacecraft, systems for tunneling machines, and then it gets weird. Kinda like Doctor Evil, but without the extra time in university. Bart bounced around the globe as a child, including three years in a German public school in West Berlin and high school in Brooklyn, NY. His father, who also studied engineering, gave him an early love of science fiction and fantasy and took him to his first science fiction conventions while Bart was in junior high school. Bart joined the Army at 18, leaving active duty as a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne to complete his college degree. He worked as a stringer for the city daily newspapers in Baton Rouge, La. while studying to be a mechanical engineer. He later started his own engineering and design firm, earning his license as a Professional Engineer in the US and internationally. He is also a university researcher and lecturer. Bart is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers. He is also nationally and internationally board certified as a Forensic Engineer, and earned the title of "Bourbon Master" with the New Orleans Bourbon Society. Bart uses his creative abilities to earn a patents in fields including municipal waste recycling, biomedical devices, and consumer products. He has written journal papers on topics ranging from explosives to submersible windows to ethics. He has provided commentary on a variety of engineering and military topics, including the OceanGate Titan submersible. After a variety of military assignments, including three deployments and battalion command, Bart is returning to creative work in fiction and photography, with a passion for science fiction, while continuing as a consulting engineer.
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