Carole Estby Dagg

Carole Estby Dagg

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I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, attended twelve schools in Washington and Idaho by the time I was sixteen, and went on to earn degrees from universities in Washington and British Columbia. After careers as a children’s librarian, certified public accountant, and assistant library director, I began to do what I had always wanted to do: write. My first book, The Year We Were Famous, came out the year I turned 67. My next book, Sweet Home Alaska, comes out from the Nancy Paulsen imprint of Penguin on February 2, 2016 along with an audio version. I have always liked to play dress-up. With a long, full skirt of my mother’s I could be a gypsy or a pioneer, and my younger sisters could usually be persuaded to play along. In fourth grade, I looked forward to Thursdays, when my teacher let me spend most of the day in the school library. I read to kindergarten and first grade classes as they came in, checked books in and out, repaired books, and hand-lettered date due cards. Most of all, I loved having younger kids calling me ‘library girl’ on the playground. Any similarities between Terpsichore Johnson in Sweet Home Alaska and me are purely intentional. Although I spend most of my time writing and reading, I've had real-life adventures too. I have tip-toed through King Tut's tomb, sand-boarded the dunes of western Australia, ridden a camel among the Great Pyramids, paddled with Manta rays in Moorea, and smelled the penguins in the Falkland Islands. I am married with two children and three grandsons and write in Everett, Washington, and a converted woodshed on San Juan Island. See the trailer for The Year We Were Famous at Find out more at
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