Carrie Jo Thomas

Carrie Jo Thomas

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Carrie Jo Thomas is a penname for Susan Quinland. Since most of Susan’s writing tends to be dark, scary, and a bit thriller-horror-y. she decided to come up with a pen name for her PG-ish Paranormal Romances. Thus, Carrie Jo Thomas was created. Susan began writing during math class in the 5th grade. The result was her first “novel”, an eighteen-page handwritten story about getting lost in the woods. Lots of scare factor. A touch of romance. She got an A in English and a C in Math. While understanding there was a lesson to be learned in this experience, she chose to ignore it and wrote as often as possible, even at inappropriate times and places. Susan lives in Southern California with her husband Jim and a menagerie of critters who hang around, probably because Susan keeps feeding them. A majestic long haired tabby named Kaylee The Killer Kitten of Kuddletown, a short haired ginger cat named Captain Tightpants who totally lives up to his name (Browncoats, you know what this means), 4,578 birds of all kinds and shapes, Henry the squirrel who lives under the deck, and Flutter, a visiting bat who likes to swoop down and scare the heck out of anyone in the backyard at dusk.
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