Christopher L. Heuertz

Christopher L. Heuertz

Chris Heuertz was a founding partner of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism. Gravity exists to support the development of consciousness by offering contemplative retreats, spiritual direction, and Enneagram consultations and workshops. Chris spent nearly three decades in community organizing, international humanitarian work, and anti-human trafficking efforts, and was first introduced to the Enneagram in the slums of Cambodia. Since then he has trained under some of the great living Enneagram masters, and now teaches the Enneagram in workshops around the world as an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional. Host of the Enneagram Mapmakers podcast, Chris is the author of seven books, including the award-winning bestseller The Sacred Enneagram and his latest work The Enneagram of Belonging; both are compassionate guides for those who want to incorporate personal growth and development with their Enneagram type. Chris and his puppy Fern, live in Omaha. You can follow his work at
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