David Xiang

David Xiang

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David Xiang is a professional software developer currently living in New York City. Born in Massachusetts, he grew up in a small suburban town called Acton. From there, David made his way to Carnegie Mellon University where he received his Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering before beginning his career in San Diego at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. David is currently an Engineering Manager at Datadog where he is focused on growing the company's data storage platforms. He has a diverse background and has held a wide range of technical positions across startups and large companies. David shares videos specializing in software development through his YouTube channel where he enjoys teaching and building with his audience. “Software Developer Life” is his debut into writing and is self-published. Outside his technical life, David enjoys break-dancing, fish tacos, and taking long walks on the beach. Website: davidxiang.com Email: davex.inc@gmail.com Twitter: @davex_tech YouTube: youtube.com/c/DaveXiang Facebook: facebook.com/davex.tech LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dxiang/
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