Divine N. Verkijika

Divine N. Verkijika

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Divine Verkijika also known as Dyllann is a young and upcoming Cameroonian Artiste, Author, Activist and Entrepreneur. He is founder of Tittup Music, and host of a weekly podcast called Kotizo360. He also serves as managing Director of Kintaty Ltd, a small new-tech and entertainment services company, with several imprints including Choubah, and runs an NGO called Ductu Foundation. He currently serves as Divisional President of the Cameroon, National Youth Council (Bui Division) and an active member of ACAFEMMI a leading musicians syndicate in Cameroon. He started Music in 2007, then known as Street J, and released an Album titled Palava Njoka, with local hit songs like Njoka, and I Love You. After several years of silence in 2018, he rebranded himself as Dyllann. Since then, he came out national finalist at the Afrimusic Song Contest 2018 and in same year he won the Kamerfest Song Contest. In September 2018, he released an EP titled Reinvention, and has released several singles to follow-up. His music is a blend of local rhythms across Africa and western genres and he addresses topical issues. He uses his creative and entrepreneurial skills as means to raise awareness and take action or the causes he cares about. Notably, Youth Development and sociocultural inclusion. In the Failure of Oral Tradition, he looks at how centuries of Oral Tradition have affected African mindset and practices, in areas like spirituality, economics, politics, science and arts. https://www.amazon.com/Failure-Oral-Tradition-African-beliefs-ebook/dp/B07HLNV8XN In Rethinking African Cultures, he looks at the role and relevance of a conservative tradition in a highly competitive and quickly globalizing world. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WC4WBYT?pf_rd_p=2d1ab404-3b11-4c97-b3db-48081e145e35&pf_rd_r=32BF0V9YSXQ9MA8P788C In June 2019, he launched a campaign against depression with a song titled “Open Up” Discography  Reinvention 2018  Mixed Heritage - 2020 Bibliography  Failure of Oral Tradition  Rethinking African Cultures  Beyond Friends Blog/Podcast  www.kotizo360.com Official Website  ww.dyllann.com  tittupmusic@gmail.com  +237 681117843 / www.tittupmusic.com
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